Welcome to the Pavlok Productive Entrepreneur Mentorship & Coaching Program!

Pavlok Productive Entrepreneur Mentorship & Coaching is a 90 day program to give you a clear direction on how to improve your work habits and become more productive in a way that works best for you and your business.


Coaching includes…….


1: 90 Day Program

90 days of accountability for ensured changes if you do the work

2: Access to the VIP Membership Portal Resources

Our VIP Resources Membership Portal is one of the most valuable assets we share with you! It contains mini-courses, tools, apps,  books, podcasts, etc to help you with productivity, systemization, time management, mindset and habits.  It is constantly updated with new info, material, tips and videos to keep you up-to-date and continually growing and refining yourself and your business. This includes our Online Interactive Habits Course, an in-depth video course on breaking bad habits and building new positive ones. 

3: Weekly 1 on 1 Coaching Calls with Lauren Doyle

Your business is an extension of you. Your personal goals are equally as important as your business goals because they are intimately connected. We will have weekly 1 on 1 video calls giving you personalized feedback. Each week we will customize your business and personal habits to optimize your business and personal goals. Your calls will be recorded for you for your reference.


4: Daily Accountability through the Coaching Module

You will be added to the coaching module within the Pavlok App. This will give us the ability to hone in on the tasks and habits that will make you the most productive while holding you accountable to those activities daily.

5: The Pavlok Chrome Extension

Many of the productivity tools you will find helpful are integrated into the Chrome Extension. You will find Pomodoros, ToDoist, Blacklist sites etc all synced with your Pavlok Device here.  


6: Break down and Assessment of the 12 Entrepreneurial Pitfalls

We have identified 12 Entrepreneurial Pitfalls that end up being the biggest areas that keep entrepreneurs in stagnant growth and stuck in their businesses.

7: Group Option with Other Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship can be isolating. Get connected with other high-quality Entrepreneurs for accountability and motivation to hit your goals.

Lauren Kesseler (Doyle)

Head Coach

Lauren has been a consultant and coach for small businesses and entrepreneurs for close to 13 years. Her background as a shareholder and sales executive in a small start-up Medical Device company, BioForm Medical Inc., gave her a unique background in high-competition, high-dollar sales, marketing, and building a small company into a publicly-traded superpower. Later, she became a professional athlete in the Equestrian industry, working with horses and people where she learned performance psychology and breaking and building habits. In 2018 she partnered with Pavlok to develop the Pavlok Productive Entrepreneur Coaching Program and Pavlok Group Coaching Program-- blending experience, intuition, psychology, Microhabit methodology, and the Pavlok device to create the most unique productivity and habit coaching experience available today.