Success Stories From The Pavlok Community

Pavlok has helped over 100,000 satisfied customers change their habits with the push of a single, magic button.

Meet Brennan M. Brennan used Pavlok to quit his addiction to sugary junk food once and for all.

“I’d get in this sugar coma, fall asleep, and lose part of my day. I use Pavlok to “snap” myself when I get the urge to eat one. I haven’t eaten a cookie since I started using it.”

Relatable. We all have old, bad habits we want to overcome and new, positive habits we want to form. What will your Pavlok story be?

I’ve had a problem with biting my nails my entire life — I’ve tried everything to stop. I decided to try Pavlok — within 2 days, I’m so much more aware of myself biting my nails, and I catch myself before I do it.”

Nagina A.

Meet Dave R. and Rachman B. With the help of Pavlok, they are waking up alert, refreshed and on time. Every single morning.

“I tried a lot of things to form new habits and break old habits. When I got Pavlok, I was really impressed with the quality. I started using the little alarm system that helps to wake you up. After doing that for 30 days I woke up more consistently than I ever have in my life. Love it.”

-Dave R.

I just hit the Pavlok and that will help wake me up. It creates a negative association with hitting snooze button. Instead of hitting the “sleep more, get fired, waste your life” button, I hit the Pavlok.

-Rachman B.

How Will Pavlok Help You Change Your Life?

Wake up early

Become a morning person by training your body to wake up feeling refreshed.

Get in shape

Turn health into a habit, track your progress and stay accountable.

become more productive

Focus on the most important tasks and eliminate distractions.

quit smoking

Defeat nicotine addiction with proven technology that rewires your brain.

kill sugar cravings

Eliminate the urge to eat sugar and junk food once and for all.

stop negative thoughts

Stop self-sabotage and negative thoughts from ruining your day.

A year from now, you’ll wish you had started today.

More Success Stories

Meet the high performers who are using Pavlok to build good habits and change their lives.

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