NOTE: We’ve Extended The Sale Until Saturday EOD!

Our June inventory is going quickly… Order now and lock in incredible savings for our suite of Pavlok products! (Estimated shipping time 3-4 weeks)

NOTE: We’ve Extended The Sale Until Friday EOD!

We’re COMPLETELY sold out of ALL of our May inventory, and our June inventory won’t last long. We’ve ramped up production as much as we can in anticipation of the Pavlok community wanting to build amazing habits for the summer. 

With our upcoming firmware release and which includes a ton of new features (jumping jacks, imrproved hand dectect and more), we wanted to make all of our Pavlok products accessible for those looking to improve their habits and their lives!

From Saturday May 26th until Saturday April 2nd at 11:59 EST, you can have your pick of our suite of Pavlok products for what will likely be our lowest prices all year. Lock in these amazing prices and get your order within the next 3-4 weeks.

Changing your habits can be difficult, especially if you try again and again to quit or improve your habits with no success. Having helped thousands of people all around the world quit their life long habits and build postive behaviors, we know one of our Pavlok products can quite literally change your life.


Whether you’re looking to quit smoking, quit biting your nails, or you just want to improve your habits, we can help you reach your goals.  Our Pavlok Pro comes with EVERYTHING you need to change your habits while our indiviual offerings are perfect if you’re focusing on just one habit right now. Best yet… if you would like to get access to our full suite of modules and habit change courses you can unlock them in your app through earning our inapp rewards ‘Volts.’

Pavlok Pro $159

Pavlok Pro includes EVERYTHING you need to change your habits for the better. The Pavlok Pro is your one stop shop to quitting bad habits and building positve behaviors that will help you reach your goals. If you want to tackle a wide vartiet of habits and have access to all modules and features, the Pavok Pro is for you.

Quit Smoking $99

If you’re looking to quit smoking for GOOD, Pavlok’s Quit Smoking is the perfect place to start. Not only will you get the Pavlok wearable device, but you’ll also have access to our high researched out to quit smoking modules and Pavlok’s hand detect to ensure you never smoke again. Many Pavlok Quit Smoking users have reported quitting in as little as five days.

Quit Food Cravings $99

Are your food cravings controling you? Our Quit Food Cravings offering gives you the tools and resources you need to help curb your cravings food good. In addition to the Pavlok wearable you get access to our food cravings module to ensure you can keep your cravings under control.

Quit Nailbiting $99

Embarassed to show off your your nails in public? Can’t quit biting them no matter what you try? Pavlok Quit Nailbiting gives you everything you need to quit biting your nails. In addition to the Pavlok wearable you get full access to the Nailbiting modules to help you quit biting your nails for good.


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