Learn Why Working With A Pavlok Coach Can Change Everything

Running a business isn’t easy.

If you’ve ever been disappointed at the speed your business is growing…

If you’ve ever felt like you were the bottleneck in your business…

If you’ve ever felt like your business owned you, rather than the other way around…

Congrats! You’re an entrepreneur.

I know what it’s like — even if your friends and family don’t.

Most people only see the successes of entrepreneurship. You don’t have a boss! You have freedom in your day? (if only).

But they don’t see the difficulties and hardships that entrepreneurs face EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

You know what I’m talking about. Study after study shows that entrepreneurs face HUGE challenges, such as:

  • Cash Flow Management – how can you possibly grow, if you don’t have enough money to pay the bills — let alone yourself?
  • Hiring Employees – How can you find employees that you can trust? And how can you find them, and then train them, without taking off so much time that you hurt your business?
  • Time Management – How can you possibly grow if you can’t get your most important tasks done? What even ARE your most important tasks?

But these challenges are symptoms. The actual cause is much deeper, and often lies in the emotional struggles that entrepreneurs struggle with.

  • Isolation — Entrepreneurship is often a lonely endeavor. This loneliness can get to you – you might not have anyone you can talk to about the struggles you’re facing.
  • Anxiety — Anxiety can hit you at the worst times, and set you up for self-sabotage. Those thoughts of ‘this isn’t working’ or ‘how will I keep this going’ wastes time, energy, and resources that you could be using to build your business.
  • Burnout — We keep getting the message to hustle, hustle, hustle — but all that hustling can take its toll. If you aren’t managing your emotions and thoughts and engaging in self-care, burnout can erupt — and take your business down with it.

It might seem like you’re the only one suffering from these negative emotions. But you’re not.

As they always say — you’re comparing others’ highlight reels with your day-to-day.

But what if your day-to-day WAS your highlight reel?

What if you stopped being controlled by your business — and started taking control?

What if your business started handling itself automatically — so you could take a step back and focus on the bigger stuff?

It might seem like a change like this isn’t attainable. But I assure you — it’s not just attainable — it’s probable…with one small shift.

The One Keystone Habit That Changed Everything


Since you’re on this website, you probably know who I am. But if not, I’m happy to meet you. My name is Maneesh Sethi — founder, inventor, and CEO of Pavlok.

You may have seen me or Pavlok on Shark Tank, the Steve Harvey Show, or the Colbert Report. Maybe you’ve seen me nowhere. 

On the outside, it seems like I’m productive, happy, and unstressed. And that’s mostly true.

But it wasn’t always this way….

Just a recently, I was a wreck.

My business was losing $20-50,000 / month.

I had maxed out my credit cards, sold all of my Roth IRA, and was down to $0 in my personal bank account.

Then — one summer Friday — the inevitable happened.

I overdrafted my account.

I had no cash, no credit, and the next transfer wasn’t going to arrive until Monday.

I had no access to capital. More urgently — I had no food.

So I did what I had to.

I went to a nearby grocery store

I stole a loaf of bread

and  I ate it in silence.

I did what I had to do.

I sat, sorry for myself.

And then zapped myself twice with my Pavlok.

And said, out loud — “something has to change”.

First, I made the hard decision — I told my team we were out of cash. I let a number of people go.

I dropped our costs to something more reasonable (from $130k/mo to ~$25k/mo).

Secondly, I decided to make a real change about myself. I decided to implement one single habit that would change everything.

Click here to discover the one single habit that didn’t just fix my business and completely change my life…but will change yours too.


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