Tired of being a slave to the snooze button?


Ready to wake up on-time, alert and refreshed, even if you’ve never been a “morning person” before?


If you’re ready to stop sleeping in, you’ll love what we’ve invented for you.


Let me tell you a little story.



See if any of this sounds familiar:

I set an alarm before going to bed, determined  to wake up early this time. 

I plan to exercise, eat a healthy breakfast, and head out the door calm, cool, collected, and ready to face the day…

Cue to a blaring alarm shocking me out of a deep sleep (and a lovely dream!) 

Confused and disoriented, still groggy and half-asleep, I hit the snooze button.


And again.

And just like that, all my plans for the morning go up in smoke.

Not only do I not exercise, or eat a healthy breakfast – I have to skip breakfast altogether and don’t even take a shower because I was already late for work…

“I’ll do better tomorrow” – I tell myself, knowing full well I probably won’t.

It doesn’t have to be this way.


What if you could wake up effortlessly, exactly when you wanted to? 

What would you do with your extra time? Would you meditate? Exercise? Eat breakfast? 

Seems impossible, right?

Well, I have good news for you: 

YOU are NOT the problem. 

It’s not because you aren’t a “morning person.”

It’s your darned alarm clock.

Most alarm clocks rely on a shrill, annoying sound that irritates you until you give in and get out of bed.  

But this spikes your cortisol and sends your stress levels through the roof.

Definitely not how you want to start your day.

So what’s the solution?

Luckily there’s just the thing…

The Pavlok Shock Clock 2, baby!

You know what works better than the sound of an alarm? A simple touch.

Instead of a noisy, irritating alarm, Shock Clock uses a gradual process of effective, tested sensory inputs to wake you up naturally.

Simply follow these 3 steps to success:

  • Put on your Shock Clock before you go to bed
  • Set your alarm from the app (available for both Android and iOS) 
  • Choose how you want to be woken up:

When the alarm goes off, Shock Clock will alert you to wake up using the stimulus you’ve selected.


But that’s not all Shock Clock can do…

Check out some of the newest features that make Shock Clock the most effective alarm clock on the market:

  • Snooze Lock
    Lock your snooze button keep your alarm running until you get out of bed and do jumping jacks. Pavlok’s advanced motion tracking forces you to get on your feet and get your body moving. It might sound crazy, but man is it effective!
  • Advanced Snooze Lock
    Need another level of accountability? QR code scanner will make you get out of bed and leave the room to scan a QR/UPC code in order to shut off the alarm.
  • Sleep Cycle Analysis
    Shock Clock 2’s advanced motion detection uses a 9-axis accelerometer to track your sleep cycles and learn what patterns and habits you can develop to get the best night’s sleep possible. This also allows it to wake you up in your lightest stage of sleep.
  • Morning Routine Tracker
    Your morning routine sets the tone for your entire day. Shock Clock 2 comes with a built-in Morning Routine schedule so you can set the tasks that are most important for your day and make sure you get them done first thing. And if you don’t do your routine – watch out, a zap is coming!
  • Evening Routine Tracker
    A consistent evening routine prepares your mind and body for a great night’s sleep. Shock Clock 2 features an evening routine reminder that will alert you when it is time to start getting ready for bed and provide you with a customized checklist of items to prepare you for your best night’s sleep.

What is waking up on time worth to you?

Picture how much your life could change if you managed to wake up early every day.

What would you do with an extra half hour, hour, or more — every single day?

  • Would you exercise regularly? (Health is everything)
  • Would you read more or learn a new skill? (Knowledge is power)
  • Would you start a new business or side hustle? (Money is independence)

So what is it worth to you to measurably improve your life, once and for all?

$149 sounds fair?


To make this a no-brainer, it comes with a 180-day money back guarantee.  

That’s right, six full months to try the product and make sure it’s right for you. 

And don’t forget that you get a 1-year warranty as well. So if the product breaks for any reason, just send back the unit within one year of purchase for a replacement.

“Shock Clock is one of the most essential parts of my daily life. […]

As a result of Shock Clock, I’ve gone from being a scrub to waking up at 7:20am every single day without fail. So yeah, it’s powerful.”

-Louis Weisz


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