The Secret To Doubling Your Business In 2019: Microhabits

A microhabit is the smallest version of the habit you are cultivating.

For example: if the habit I wanted to keep was to “do 50 pushups daily”, the microhabit is “do 1 pushup” or even “get into push up position.”

Want to make a big change in your life? It all starts with changing your habits.

But changing your habits doesn’t happen all at once.

Microhabits are the secret solution to build and change habits that you want to keep for the rest of your life (but no one talks about this…)

Use Habit Loops To Supercharge Microhabits 

A habit loop is a trigger/cue that leads to an action to a reward.

One of my habit loops was:
Cue: Urge to go on Facebook
Routine: Message people on Facebook
Reward: Feel less isolated 

As entrepreneurs, we have 100s of habit loops that we operate by. Some that are constructive, while others which are destructive.

But the best part is that you just need one new habit loop and one new microhabit to kickstart the process to double your business in 2019.

Can Microhabits Help You Get More Clients?

Let’s say you are an owner of a marketing agency and right now you have 1 focus in your business: get more clients.

In order to get more clients, you must get more leads.

In order to get more leads, you must get in front of new prospects.

And in order to get in front of new prospects, you must email dream clients that don’t know you (yet).

Therefore, to close new clients, you must send out emails to dream clients everyday.

So the habit to get more clients can be 
“send 10 emails to prospects per day”. The microhabit would be “open excel sheet with a list of dream clients to email.”

Sounds too simple right? Well… 

Here’s How Gajan Used A Microhabit To Generate $100,000 In Sales

Gajan runs an agency in the marketing space. Even though the company was doing well, he wanted more!

The challenge in his business was that he wasn’t closing the high ticket, dream clients that his business was now ready for.

Can you guess the one microhabit that changed it all for him?

His microhabit was doing his first pomodoro (a 10min focused work session at 6:45am).

This allowed him to procrastinate less, get the highest value, highest leverage tasks before 9am.

Imagine this: what if your dream clients are waiting for you RIGHT NOW, but they don’t know about you because you aren’t implementing your microhabit?

Now, How Do You Stay Accountable To A Microhabit?

That is the million dollar question! To define a microhabit, you must:

1) First choose the goal that would be the most meaningful outcome in your life (personal or professional). Ie: more clients.

2) Then, define the habit(s) that would allow you to get that goal.

3) And finally, choose the one microhabit that will allow all of it to become a reality.

Now, what if there was a proven way to do your microhabit every day without fail, keep you accountable to it and nearly guarantee you stay on track to double your business in 2019?

Meet Pavlok

Pavlok is a life-changing wearable technology designed to change your habits to transform your business and your life.

Here’s How Pavlok Knows Your Habits

Pavlok’s Sensor Core Technology is designed to help you track and change your habits. Pavlok combines internal sensors, motion tracking, and digital data to keep you on track.

High-Grade Internal Sensors

Pavlok’s six-axis gyroscope and accelerometer are able to determine when you do hand-related gestures. Trying to stop smoking? Pavlok can tell. Nail biting? Scratching? Snacking? Pavlok can identify when you do these behaviors, and help you stay aware by vibrating, beeping, or zapping.

Motion Tracking

Pavlok uses motion tracking to identify when you’ve done good behaviors. Heavy sleeper? Pavlok’s alarm will only turn off after you’ve done 5 jumping jacks.

And A Lot More!

Thousands Are Using Microhabits to 2x Their Business Including Gajan

“I have knocked out my most important items (and had a workout), all before my first meeting at 8am.” Gajan, Agency Owner

There are thousands like Gajan, and that is why…

Why I Created The Pavlok

I created Pavlok with a vision to change the actions and habits of millions of people around the world, creating an environment for them to quit self-sabotaging habits + create life-enhancing habits (in their business life and personal life)

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