The world’s best waking up device can now help you become more productive, relaxed, and mindful

Shock Clock 3

Wakes up the heaviest sleepers without disturbing anyone else

Use a chime, vibration, a snap, or a combination of all three to wake up at the lightest stage of sleep

The most updated hardware - sleeker, water resistant, and with better battery life than previous generations

All failsafe modes and additional ones like the ability to play a game or solve a puzzle to stop the alarm

New locking mechanism stops you from removing the device in your sleep

Pavlok 3

Maintain mindfulness, retain focus, practice good habits

Up to 10 days of battery life

Water resistant

3 programmable buttons

Elegant design in black, silver, and rose gold

Pavlok 2

Break bad habits

Detachable central module

5-7 days of battery life

Switch it up between silicone bands in 3 colors, or go for the stylish metallic band

Shock Clock

Wakes up even the heaviest sleepers - and no one else

Use a chime, vibration, a snap, or a combination of all three

QR Scan mode makes you get out of the bed to turn off the alarm

Jumping Jack mode turns off the alarm only if you do jumping jacks

Sleep Tracking keeps tabs on quality of your sleep and enables light-sleep alarms


Pavlok 3 watch clips

Attach your pavlok 3 to any other analog or smart watch!


A versatile cable that allow you to connect and charge all your devices at onece!

Comfort band

Wear your Pavlok 3 around your thigh or arm for night time or fitness use!

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