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They agree that they should be doing something different if they want to change.

But they get distracted before they ever take any action.

I know that YOU are different though.


Because you care about your business and your success as an entrepreneur.

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How Does Pavlok Help You Break Bad Habits?
Pavlok uses the principles of classical conditioning or aversive conditioning to create long-lasting associations in the brain. Think about college, maybe your friend drank too much tequila and no longer likes tequila; that’s classical conditioning. That is aversive conditioning and Pavlok gives you the power to create that same association towards any habit that you wanna stop.

How Do I Get The Most Out Of Pavlok?
To get the most out of Pavlok, make sure to first download the app. Start with wearing it throughout the day. Whenever you have a craving or urge, you can simply press the zap button; this will let you track your cravings, track your urges and track your habits in the app and you’ll be able to see at what times and on what days you’ve done that behavior.

Secondly, if you want to break a bad habit for good, make sure you go through your five day break a bad habit course. If you want to use Pavlok to wake up earlier, make sure you check out our sleep section. You can set a variety of alarms including a vibrating silent alarm one, a beep and/or a zap to make sure you wake up.

Lastly, there is even a jumping jacks alarm where you have you have to do jumping jacks in order to turn it off.

What Does The Zap Feel Like?
With the Pavlok app, you have complete control to configure the intensity of the zap. At low levels, it feels like a mild pinch on the wrist. At higher levels, it feels like that static sensation you feel when you touch a doorknob. We recommend you to set the level to be high enough so that it feels slightly uncomfortable for best results.

What Does It Feel Like After Breaking a Habit?
As a child, you probably used to suck your thumb. Do you ever suck your thumb now? Does it even cross your mind, It doesn’t, right? Well that’s what breaking a habit feels like, the urge doesn’t even cross your mind.

It becomes automatic, no willpower required. Imagine being able to see a pack of cigarettes and not even think about smoking it. Imagine looking down at your nails at the end of the day and not having bitten your nails at all because it didn’t even cross your mind, no willpower required. That’s what breaking a bad habit feels like.

How safe is Pavlok?
Pavlok is extremely safe. The zap is only in a surface area of a one inch space across your wrist. We have added multiple safeguards into both our software and our hardware to ensure that there are never any issues with your safety.

Who is Pavlok For?
Pavlok is for anybody who wants to get control of their bad habits. It is for anybody who hits the snooze button without being able to control it or anybody who is looking to stop smoking cigarettes or biting their nails but hasn’t been able to stop. If you want to take charge and take control of your behaviors, then Pavlok is for you.

Who is Pavlok Not For?
Pavlok is not for somebody who’s looking for an instant fix. Thousands of Pavlok users have broken their bad habits in as quick as few days but it is a process; this is not an instant cure to any bad habits. Pavlok does not do all the work for you. It is a tool that lets you get control of your behavior.

How do I use the Promo Code?

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P.S. I know that you are an action taker and will use your coupon code in the next 15 minutes BUT…

We do have limited Pavloks set aside for entrepreneurs like you. So if for some reason you don’t use it within 15 minutes, this code will then be released to the next entrepreneur who uses the code.


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