New Year, New You. Get Free Shipping (to the US) on any Pavlok or Shock Clock


Pavlok App Integrations

FIRST: Download and connect to the Pavlok App on your iOS or Android smartphone.

Download the app for iOS

Download the app for Android

THEN: Check out our awesome apps, extensions, and integrations below!.

Shock Clock App Sneak Peak

Preorder a Shock Clock for $99 + Free Shipping Introduction First, you download the app and create your account. Connect to your device Next, you select your device (Shock Clock or Pavlok) and pair to it. Set up your alarm Next, you get to choose your habit. If you...

Pavlok + IFTTT

The biggest thing to happen to habit change since Pavlok! What the Pavlok/IFTTT integration can do Ever since launching Pavlok, the most common question people ask has been “Can it tell when I’m doing my bad habit?” and the answer has always been...

The Pavlok Productivity Chrome Extension

The Pavlok Productivity extension will help you set your goals for the day and stay on task. Quit browsing time-wasting sites, stop opening too many tabs, and create a to-do list that you will actually do. The Pavlok Productivity extension is designed to be your...

Pavlok Developer API

  The Pavlok API is designed as a way to connect Pavlok to the IoT world, as well as create new opportunities for application-based integrations and triggers. Easy to get setup You can trigger Pavlok with as little as four lines of code (this example is using...

Slack Integration with Pavlok

&   What the Pavlok/Slack integration can do Slack is the hot new tool to communicate with teams quickly and efficiently.  Many companies already use Slack to communicate with team members both as groups and individually.  It is a great way to keep everyone...

New Year, New You. Get Free Shipping (to the US) on any Pavlok or Shock Clock

PAVLOK is a product of Behavioral Technology Group, Inc. At BTG, we help people change their habits. To do so, we create apps, wearables, technology, and more – all designed to help our users get control of their behavior.