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How To Write Every Day

This is a guest post by Pavlok friend Steve from Startup Black Belt I’m a busy guy. A startup CTO, startup consultant, father, husband, and homeowner… There are a lot of things demanding my time. Employees, clients, writing code, exercising, family time and more. It...

Introducing The Pavlok App 4.0

Check out the Pavlok App (No Pavlok Device Need] on IOS and Google Play  Fellow Pavlokians, Maneesh here. One of the most exciting things about running Pavlok over the last few years, is seeing the progress our team has made when it comes to making the habit change...

How We Do User Experience Design (UX/UI) at Pavlok

How We Do User Experience Design (UX/UI) at Pavlok Hi, this is Norman, Lead User Experience designer at Pavlok! I am going to tell you what a User Experience designer is, how I am applying it at Pavlok, and why I’m so passionate about it. – Want to know what we...

What is the Pavlok Unlocked Web App?

Unlock the power of your Pavlok across the web! Don’t like zapping yourself? Do you need that extra support from your family to do your dirty work? Or maybe you just want to zap your best friend, so he/she quits that bad habit? You can! Introducing Pavlok Unlocked The...

Shock Clock App Sneak Peak

Preorder a Shock Clock for $99 + Free Shipping Introduction First, you download the app and create your account. Connect to your device Next, you select your device (Shock Clock or Pavlok) and pair to it. Set up your alarm Next, you get to choose your habit. If you...

Pavlok + IFTTT

The biggest thing to happen to habit change since Pavlok! What the Pavlok/IFTTT integration can do Ever since launching Pavlok, the most common question people ask has been “Can it tell when I’m doing my bad habit?” and the answer has always been...

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