Enter The Healthy Habit Sweepstakes For A Chance to Win Up To $1,000

Pavlok Subscriber? Win up to $1,000 just for getting fit with Pavlok. Read on for more details of the Healthy Habit Sweepstakes…

I have a question for you: what if you could get rewarded for becoming a better person?

Let me explain…

For the last few years, the story of Pavlok has been ‘get zapped for doing bad habits.’

But what if we changed that story to something like ‘get paid (real money) for doing good habits’?

Since you’re a Pavlok subscriber, we wanted to start testing this out with you. For absolutely no extra cost. 

We’re putting down cold, hard cash. Every single day.


The more movement you get, the longer you live. It’s time to get rewarded for taking ownership of your health.

Getting paid is simple: just wear your Pavlok, get moving and get a chance to win money. People are winning every single weekday.

No tricks, no gimmicks. Get healthy, get paid. It’s literally free money for doing the right thing.

Welcome to a brand new world, where you get paid to do the habits that will change your life.

How to get paid in 4 easy steps:

1. Register for the sweepstakes inside the Pavlok app. Pavlok subscribers are eligible to join the Healthy Habit Sweepstakes.

Inside of the app, go to More >> Redeem and type stepsweepstakes and you’re registered. You’ll see a new Pavlok Sweepstakes module on your Home screen in the app.

Follow these steps in the Pavlok app to register

2. Begin using the device to track your steps. You’ll earn one entry for every 1000 steps you walk in a single day — up to a max 10 daily entries (10,000 steps). 

3. Every weekday, starting Monday Feb 24, we’ll draw a winner. The daily winners win a cash prize of $50.

4. On the last day, March 23, we’ll do our grand prize drawing — one winner will win the grand prize of $1,000 cash.

(full rules will be available here by Feb 24: https://pavlok.com/sweepstakes)


We’re so excited to launch this sweepstakes. It’s the first step in our big mission, which is to pay you for creating the habits that will change your life.


Looking forward to sending you some cash,

– Maneesh Sethi

CEO of Pavlok


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