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Shock Clock Soft Light Background Pavlok Wearable Shock Clock

Replace Bad Habits.

Change your life.

Your Pavlok
  1. 1 Choose a habit to change and
    wear your Pavlok.
  2. 2Get zapped when you engage
    in your bad habit.
  3. 3Your brain creates an aversion
    pairing the zap with that habit.


Literally hundreds of habit breaking use cases with Pavlok


We are FCC and CE Tested, Certified, and Compliant

2-5 Days

of battery life, designed with low energy & sleep modes

180 Days

every user gets half a year money back guarantee

Tested. Proven. Loved.

80+ Years

of aversion therapy research distilled into a wearable

30,000+ Sold

since we launched, now a powerful user community

$626,582 Raised

on Indiegogo for the Shock Clock & Pavlok Original

Top 0.1%

accepted to Bolt Hardware Engineering Incubator

Our Users Love Their Pavloks

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Get the app.
Change your life.

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The Press Can't Stop Talking About Pavlok

PAVLOK is a product of Behavioral Technology Group, Inc. At BTG, we help people change their habits. To do so, we create apps, wearables, technology, and more – all designed to help our users get control of their behavior.