Have you ever found yourself thinking negative thoughts, unable to stop?

Perhaps you try to stop by focusing your thoughts elsewhere, but–much like a horrifically gruesome train wreck that’s in front of you–you’re unable to look away.

In fact, maybe agreeing with the statements above actually causes this endless loop.

You get down on yourself for thinking negatively, which leads to beating yourself up with more negative thoughts.

If this resonates with you then, what you’re about to read is important for your health.

Depression, Anxiety, and Dangerous Effects

There are many different types of negative thoughts, and they don’t necessarily have to be about yourself. Some examples include:

These all fall under the same group and are perfectly normal to have from time to time. Problems arise when you find yourself trapped in a cycle of thinking them and will inevitably escalate to something more serious.

Besides isolating yourself from your friends, such behaviors may lead to some of the following health risks:

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for others to tell you things like “Why can’t you just think positively,” “Can’t you just be happy,” or “have you tried smiling more?” When you hear questions like these over and over again, you may begin to believe that you’re a bad person for not reining these thoughts in.

But it’s not that simple…in fact, the inability to stop bad thoughts in no way means that you’re a bad person.

In fact, these thoughts are so difficult to stop for a complex reason that has no nothing to do with you and everything to do with how our brain works.

“I’ve been using Pavlok for stopping thought patterns that are negative…like towards myself, my teenager, or my wife. They’ve been very effective at raising my awareness. […] Pretty soon, within a couple of days, I just stopped having to them. It’s like the message somehow got through on some level”

– John

Why Negative Thoughts Are So Hard to Stop

Remember the “train wreck” analogy we talked about? Well, think about the last time you couldn’t stop staring at something that you found grotesque.

Sure, by sheer definition, it was a bit sickening…but it was also strangely exhilarating. Why else could you not stop looking?

The feeling of exhilaration occurs when your brain releases reward chemicals, such as dopamine. Because we are “rewarded” by these thoughts, they are often repeated and become what a habit.

Habits are formed in the part of our brain known as the basal ganglia–the oldest and most primitive part of the brain. It’s so old that scientists refer to this as the “lizard brain,” because it can be traced far back in our evolution.

Because habits are formed in such a primitive part of our brain, they’re pretty much hardwired. In fact, they’re so deeply programmed that most scientists believe that habits cannot be destroyed, only replaced.

For example, perhaps you smoke in order to break up the monotony of a work day by stepping outside. When you’re feeling bored, perhaps you step outside and chew some gum instead. Do this enough, and it may replace your smoking habit.

The problem is that uncontrolled negative thinking isn’t just a habit. When our brains think that something harmful is beneficial, then it becomes an addiction. More often than not, when people replace an addiction, they do it with something equally (if not more) as harmful, such as gambling, drinking, or other drugs. 

But don’t lose hope yet, because there is a solution. As it turns out, a few little-known studies prove that habits actually can be destroyed.

These studies (more on them later) were the inspiration behind creating Pavlok, the only device that has been shown to help people destroy habits (or addictions). One of these people is Naomi, as shown below.

Pavlok has changed my life. I’ve been pulling my hair since I was 14…before then, I’d pretty much need to wear a hat. I’d wear a hat all the time whether watching the TV or going to work. Now that I have a Pavlok, I don’t need to wear a hat anymore because the habit is just gone.”

– Naomi

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How Pavlok Stops Negative Talks

Remember how we said that an overwhelming amount of scientists believe that habits can’t actually be destroyed?

Well, there’s a reason. Study after study on addiction found the same thing: that habits can only be replaced and not destroyed…except for the one which we stumbled upon.

It was a study published by the British Medical Journal 1970 in which 70% of subjects were able to stop smoking. For context, even the top products for quitting smoking in today’s market only have a 6% success rate.

The subjects didn’t replace smoking with another habit like drinking or gambling. They just cold stopped.

Intrigued, we searched for other studies in which people quit addictions by destroying their habits. We found 21 total. Subjects were able to stop everything from negative thoughts to nail biting to compulsive aggression.

All of these studies had one thing in common: they used a mild electric shock in order to disassociate habits with pleasure. This was the initial inspiration behind Pavlok.

After a few years of research, designing, and building, Pavlok was born.

Today, Pavlok has been used by nearly 50,000 people and created countless success stories, such as Bud’s below as seen in an article by the New York Times.

This snippet above is from a screencap of a New York Times article quoting Bud, a Pavlok user who stopped smoking.

How to Use Pavlok To Stop Negative Thinking

I know the phrase “electric shock” sounds scary, but don’t worry, Pavlok’s “shock” is more like being shocked by static electricity or snapping yourself with a rubber band. You also have control over the intensity of the device.

Using Pavlok to quit smoking is simple:

  1. Download the Pavlok app and follow the “5-day Aversion Course”
  2. For 5 minutes, create a “zap” at the same time you have a negative thought.
  3. Do this for 5 days.
  4. If you still find that negative thoughts arise zap yourself afterwards.

After doing the steps above, you’ll nothing something magical take place.

Have you ever drank way too much tequila, only to find yourself nauseated at the smell or thought a few days later? This is very similar. Once negative thoughts arise, you’ll quickly want to stop.

Stop Negative Thoughts in Just 5 Days

What You Get When You Buy a Pavlok

Unlike other wearables, when you purchase a Pavlok, you’re not just getting a device.

We’ve found that Pavlok users go from people who are imprisoned by their habit to people who feel “freed” and able to fulfilling their full potential.

When you purchase Pavlok, you get:

You also get access to a community of tens of thousands of people who have used Pavlok to change their life.

Pavlok has a 100% money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose…well, except for your negative thoughts. Make a change and them once and for all.

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