Change Your Habits, 

Change Your Life

There’s one unique habit that could change your life if you do it every day.

In fact, by doing it repeatedly, you’ll set off a chain of events that brings out the best version of you.

Learn more about this habit (and how Pavlok can help)

Change Your Habits, 

Change Your Life

There’s one unique habit that could change your life if you do it every day.

In fact, by doing it repeatedly, you’ll set off a chain of events that brings out the best version of you.

Learn more about this habit (and how Pavlok can help).

What if one simple device could help you become more positive, complain less, and stop thinking negative thoughts?

The alarm goes off.

You hit snooze a few times before begrudgingly rolling out of bed.

You grab a stale granola bar (your least favorite flavor) before beginning your hour long commute to a job you can’t stand.

On the way to work, you curse out the car driving slowly in front of you. The thought of presenting your most recent work project makes you physically ill.

On the surface, you know you have it “good.” You have a decent amount stashed in savings, your significant other loves and supports you, and you genuinely like the apartment you call home.

And yet…

You spend the bulk of your day battling negative thought after negative thought, unable to escape the overwhelming pressure to find the worst in every situation.

You WANT to enjoy your day. You’re TIRED of being that “negative” friend.

You’ve read dozens of personal development books, started meditating, and even made a habit of going to the gym.

But no matter what you try, your thought patterns remain the same. You just can’t seem to win.

According to the latest research, we have between 10k to 60k thoughts per day.

Of those thoughts, it’s estimated that over 75% are considered negative.

Worse yet, on our typical day 95% of our thoughts are simply carried over from the day before.

So what’s the solution to overcoming negativity? How can you become a more positive person? Is it even possible when you you’re stuck in your head?


A Little Bit About Me (and why it’s relevant to you)

Hi my name is Maneesh Sethi, the founder CEO of Pavlok and habit expert.

My friends think that because I’m decently successful as an entrepreneur, CEO, and best-selling author, I’ve always had good habits and have done well since childhood.

But the truth is that I was a very average child with very average grades.

Like when your family and friends tell you to “just be more positive”, when I struggled to get good grades I was constantly told that I was the one who was broken and that I just needed to buckle down to get results.

“Maneesh, if only you would just apply yourself…” was something I heard countless times. My parents blamed a “lack of discipline and willpower.”

After all, what else could the problem be?

Thankfully something changed the trajectory of my fate.

One fall while I was in middle school, my brother went off to college and left a hefty pile of books behind.

Summer just finished and I wanted to entertain myself, so I decided to explore them. I soon began reading a little every single day.

Before I knew it, my life began to improve, and it wasn’t just my grades. I began exercising and started pushing myself to be more outgoing.

I found myself slowly becoming the person I wanted to be.

This reading habit transformed the course of my life and led me to becoming OBSESSED with the science of habit change.

I started thinking about how I could help others improve their habits after years of struggling to change my own.

I couldn’t stop thinking about how we could use the latest behavior science and technology to becomes the best version of ourselves. 

My journey to understanding human behavior led me to founding the 1st hardware company dedicated to helping people transform their habits and their lives.

Since the founding of Pavlok we’ve helped tens of thousands of people quit smoking, stop overeating, quit biting their nails, and even begin waking up on time.

In the process we’ve also helped thousands of people finally take control of their negative thought patterns (many for the first time) to see the error of their habitually negative thinking.

Our solution doesn’t involve beating yourself up, or “just being more positive.” In fact, Pavlok has helped individuals even in the darkest of circumstances. 

To understand how we can stop our negative thinking… it’s important to first understand how our brain works. 




“I used Pavlok to limit negative thought patterns. It’s very effective and quick.” – John





The Science of Negative Thinking

When an action is repeated often and frequently enough, a “habit” is formed.

At a biological level, this occurs in the the basal ganglia, sometimes called the “lizard brain,” because evolutionarily, it’s one of the oldest and most primitive parts.

When we are children, we our brains begin to form patterns on how to think. As an innocent child many times our brain is full of postive memories and emotions such as playing out side with your close friends.

But as we grow older, our brain begins to internalize the many ‘negative’ events that occur throughout our adult lives.

Negative thinking in itself isn’t always bad. It’s perfectly normal to be frustrated and upset. Some weeks you’re just in a bad mood. 

The problem occurs when our negative thinking goes unchecked and becomes a literal thinking pattern that our brain resorts to each and every day.

When negative thinking becomes a habit, your brain defaults to seeing the bad in every situation. 

The only way to change your thinking is by interrupting that negative thought pattern. It’s why meditation often a great way to reduce your negative thoughts. When you meditate you’re working to understand your thoughts instead of just reacting to your thinking patterns. 

You can’t just think your way out of negativity you have to take a strategic approach to interrupting and replacing your negative thought patterns. 


 Our top selling habit change wearable the Pavlok 2, leverages the power of aversion to help train your brain to avoid negative thinking. 

The way it works is simple.

When you catch yourself having a negative thought you give yourself a ‘zap.’ While not painful, the zap is uncomfortable enough to help let your brain know that those kind of thoughts aren’t welcomed. 🙂 

Each time you catch yourself in a negative thought pattern zap yourself. Overtime you should notice a significant decrease in negative thoughts throughout the day. 

While nothing can make your negative thoughts go away completely, many Pavlok 2 users have reported a significant decrease in negative thoughts in just a few days. 

Imagine no longer being that “negative” friend.

Imagine no longer having your day ruined by one small event.

Imagine waking up optimistic about your future and your life.

It’s time to stop imagining. 

If you’re wanting to take control of your negative thoughts, and give yourself the best chance to say goodbye to negative thinking for good the Pavlok 2 is the best tool to help get you there. 

How the Pavlok 2 Helps Bring Back Positive Thinking


Order the Pavlok 2 Hardware 

All Pavlok products have a 180-day money-back guarantee. We believe in it so much that we give you a full six months to try it and test it out.

Wear the Pavlok 2 throughout the day. And ‘zap’ yourself each time you have a negative thought! Vibrate when you have a positive thought.


Become More Aware of Your Thinking

While wearing your Pavlok 2 you have several options to help you reduce your negative thinking. 

Zap — When you catch yourself with a negative thought, zap yourself. You can adjust the power of the zap via the Pavlok app. 

    Vibrate – While zapping works best for reducing your negative thoughts, you can also choose to vibrate your wristband when you press your Pavlok 2. This can also help you become more aware of your negative thinking.

Many users choose to vibrate when they have positive thoughts. By vibrating on positive thoughts ,you create a positive feedback loop — and you can rapidly train your brain to stop having negative thoughts and start having positive ones.

That’s it! Wear your wristband throughout the day and ‘zap’ yourself everytime you have a negaitve thought. They won’t go away entirely (we all have bad days) but you should see drastic results in just a few days. 

 “Whenever I feel like I’m going to erupt, I press the button [on the Pavlok] … it’s like a cooling down feeling, it [helps] me  calm down and walk it off.” – John


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