Introducing… Shock Clock 2

Imagine What Waking Up Energized Could Do For Your Life

  • Never oversleep again! With an alarm that uses vibration, beeps, and zaps to wake you up you will never have to worry about oversleeping again.
  • You’ll have to get out of bed. Solve math problems, scan QR codes and do jumping jacks to turn off your alarm.
  • Wake up alert and ready to conquer your day! With ALL NEW Automatic Sleep Tracking you can have your alarm wake you up in your lightest phase of sleep. No more groggy mornings.
  • Commit to change and compete with others. Use incentives to make sure you wake up on time and ACTUALLY get out of bed.
  • Keep accountable to your goals. If you press snooze your friends will be alerted and can zap you awake remotely.
    And so much more…

Enter to win a Pavlok + Shock Clock 2 and an iPhone 8!


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