The Power To Change Your Habits

The Pavlok wristband is your fast-track to breaking bad habits and building better ones through mindfulness and aversion training.

Introducing Shock Clock 2 - Wake Up. Guaranteed.

Pavlok’s Shock Clock 2 helps you get to bed, wake up on time, and be productive — without failure.

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Pavlok combines Technology, Community, and Coaching to help you stick to your goals

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Pavlok + Shock Clock

One of the best ways to wake up each day and be happier and more successful.

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Quit Smoking

Keep this up and in a very short time you will no longer crave smoking.

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Quit Nail-Biting

A revolutionary process to help you quit biting your nails, NOW!

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Quit Food Cravings

Learn how to quit craving unhealthy foods, NOW!

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Pavlok + Break A Bad Habit

Use our customizable module to break your own, unique bad habits.

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Quit Hair Pulling

Revolutionary process to help you quit pulling your hair, NOW!

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How Pavlok Knows Your Habits

Pavlok’s Sensor Core Technology is designed to help you track and change your habits. Pavlok combines internal sensors, motion tracking, and digital data to keep you on track.

Internal Sensors

Pavlok’s six-axis gyroscope and accelerometer are able to determine when you do hand-related gestures. Trying to stop smoking? Pavlok can tell. Nail biting? Scratching? Snacking? Pavlok can identify when you do these behaviors, and help you stay aware by vibrating, beeping, or zapping.

Motion Tracking

Pavlok uses motion tracking to identify when you’ve done good behaviors. Heavy sleeper? Pavlok’s alarm will only turn off after you’ve done 5 jumping jacks.

Digital Activity

Trying to reduce wasted time online or stop wasting time on email? Pavlok’s Productivity Chrome Extension allows you to set goals and stay off time-wasting websites.

IFTTT Integrations

Integrate with thousands of apps and services via IFTTT.

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