The Most Effective Solution To Living Life Smoke Free For Those Who Have Tried Everything Else – Guaranteed

No one lights up their first cigarette with the intention of being chained to their smoking addiction for life. 

Maybe you started smoking because you were curious. Maybe it was because you had an incredibly stressful day at work. Or perhaps you felt pressured by your family or friends to give smoking cigarettes a try. 

In almost all cases, people who try smoking believe that they will be able to quit.

But as we’ve seen time and time again, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Today it is estimated that over 18 million Americans are suffering from disease and health complications directly related to smoking.

And chances are high you’re reading this very page because you know you need to quit.

You WANT… to quit.

That terrible cough in the morning.

The horrific smell that your family and friends complain about.

The shortness of breathe you experience from just walking up a flight of stairs.

All terrible side effects resulting from your very first cigarette.

Of course, you’ve likely tried to quit smoking before.

Buying into promise after promise of products that swear they will make you smoke free.

You go days, weeks, sometimes even months without smoking

Only to return to lighting up yet again.

Each time you try to quit smoking and inevitably come up short, it’s yet another hit to your confidence.

You start to wonder…

“Maybe I really can’t quit smoking.”

“There’s nothing that will ever work for me.”

Slowly and surely these negative thought patterns begin to become part of your reality.

Your addiction wins yet again.

But despite product after product failing to deliver and nothing seeming to work, what if I were to tell you there was a smoke free solution for those who have tried everything else?

What if I told you could quit in as little as 7 days?

No hype. No expensive nicotine patch required.

Would you at least be willing to hear what that solution may be?

Imagine being able to finally tell your family and friends you no longer smoke.

Imagine waking up without having to spend your morning in a coughing rage.

Imagine never lighting up a cigarette again. Yes, never again.

In a moment I’ll share how I’ve personally helped hundreds of people quit smoking for good.

But first…

A Little Bit About Me (and why it’s relevant to you)

My name is Maneesh Sethi, the founder and CEO of Pavlok and habit expert.

I’ve literally spent thousands of hours studying and understanding how habits work and have committed my life to helping people from all around the world improve their habits.

My friends think that because I’m decently successful as an entrepreneur, CEO, and best-selling author, I’ve always had good habits and have done well since childhood.

But the truth is…

I was a very average child with very average grades.

“Maneesh, if only you would just apply yourself…” was something I heard countless times.

My parents blamed a “lack of discipline and willpower.”

After all, what else could the problem be?

Thankfully something changed the trajectory of my fate. One fall while I was in middle school, my brother went off to college and left a hefty pile of books behind.

Summer just finished and I wanted to entertain myself, so I decided to explore them. I soon began reading a little every single day.

Before I knew it, my life began to improve, and it wasn’t just my grades. I began exercising and started pushing myself to be more outgoing. I found myself slowly becoming the person I wanted to be.

It was through my quest for improving myself, I discovered my passion for understanding habits and helping people become better versions of themselves.

After just the 3rd day I saw a huge decrease in the amount I was smoking. I completed the 5 day smoke free challenge using the Pavlok 2 and haven’t bought a pack of cigs in over a year!


The Science of Willpower and Habit

There’s a common myth that seems to live for ever, that says that if you just put your mind to it and use willpower, you can accomplish anything!

“Just quit smoking” your friends and family might say… “Go cold turkey… you can do it!’

More than likely, you also spend the majority of your day beating yourself up over not being able to quit.

But as the latest research has shown your willpower is a finite resource.

Yes… you literally only have so much willpower before it’s gone.

Every time you reject a cigarette or go a day without smoking, you’re using your willpower “fuel” to prevent your behavior.

The problem is, that when you  inevitably run out of your willpower fuel you’re almost guaranteed to have a smoke.

Despite what society may say, you’re not broken or weak, it’s simply impossible to overcome human behavior.

Imagine taking your car for a drive until it runs out of gas only to get mad at your car for not being able to drive any further!

Fortunately there is a way to change your behavior WITHOUT using willpower. When an action is repeated often and frequently enough, a “habit” is formed.

At a biological level, this occurs in the the basal ganglia, sometimes called the “lizard brain,” because evolutionarily, it’s one of the oldest and most primitive parts.

Obviously lizards can operate without willpower (can u imagin a lizard with willpower? like decidin’ if he should eat another jucy fly? silly lizard LOL).

That’s because habits don’t require decision making.

Therefore the most effective way to become smoke free is to trick your brain into NOT wanting to smoke.

The secret to stop smoking is by making not smoking a habit.

No more using willpower or the latest ineffective product that just drains money out of your bank account.

The best way to do this is through something you’re probably familiar with – PavlovIan conditioning

Introducing Pavlovian Conditioning – The Secret One-Week Solution That Makes Bad Habits Disappear Like *Poof*


In school you likely learned about the famous psychologist Ivan Pavlov, who ran one of the most well known experiments in history.

To proof his theory that animals and humans can be trained to act in a certain way through systematized behavior, he rang a bell before feeing a group of dogs.

Within just a few days, the dogs actually began salivating at the sound of the bell, even if he didn’t feed them.

The learnings from this incredible experiment don’t just apply to dogs, it has a profound implications on how humans develop and even break bad habits.

When you create a negative association with a repeated action, your brain actually begins to avoid that action at all costs. Similar to when you drink too much and you’re disgusted by the smell of alcohol, you can train your brain to not want to smoke using aversion therapy.


The Power of Aversion

If you’ve ever had a friend who drank too much tequila and got sick, you know the power of an aversion. In one night, a person’s decade long habit of loving a type of alcohol can disappear — and it’s replaced by a feeling of *ugh* in the pit of the stomach.

That *ugh* feeling is an aversion. An aversion is a pavlovian association created towards a behavior, created by administering a slight electric zap.


This method of habit change is incredibly powerful. Check out some clinical studies:

 in 5 days of treatment (with one extra reinforcement session), greater than half of these two-pack-a-day smokers were smoke free a year later.

Of course, these smokers had to go into a lab and do the aversion sessions with a doctor. They didn’t have the ability to take the aversive devices home and use them when they had a craving. Something like that would skyrocket success.

But it just wasn’t possible…

…Until Now

Introducing Pavlok 2

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Each time you smoke you use your Pavlok to create an unpleasant sensation.

Step 2. Continue smoking while each time using the zap from your Pavlok. 

Quickly your brain creates an association between you smoking and the uncomfortable zap, and your desire to smoke quickly begins to fade.



Pavlok 2 is the only wearable designed specifically to help you become smoke free as well as change other behaviors you would like to quit.

Using the latest habit change science and the power of aversion therapy, the Pavlok 2 wearable and app literally trains your brain to not enjoy smoking.

The Pavlok 2 helps change your behavior by providing a self administered shock each time you smoke. The zap is minor enough to where it won’t hurt, but noticeable enough that your brain will soon avoid smoking at all costs.

In as little as just a few days, you can drastically reduce your desire to smoke or in many cases never have a cigarette again.


How The Pavlok 2 Helps You Become Smoke Free


Order the Pavlok 2

All Pavlok products have a 60-day money-back guarantee. Technically you stop smoking and return your Pavlok 2. But thankfully you’re not that kind of person.


Wear The Pavlok 2 Throughout The Day

Smoke as you regularly would while being sure to ‘zap’ yourself each time you smoke.


Adjust Settings to Your Desired Comfort

The Pavlok 2 works to help you become smoke free by providing an uncomfortable but painful zap. Choose the strength of your zap depending on your pain tolerance. The higher the zap the more effective the Pavlok 2 will be.

Continue using the Pavlok 2 each and every time you smoke.

That’s it! After using your Pavlok 2 for just a few days, you should notice signifiant decrease in your desire to smoke. Continue to use the Pavlok 2 wearable and you will quickly never want to smoke again!

More Pavlok 2 Smoke Free Testimonials

Before I started using Pavlok, I was smoking about 18 cigarettes a day. With Pavlok, I’ve [in first week] been averaging about 7 a day. [… Week four] is my first week not smoking at all… whenever I drive by a gas station and think, ‘Maybe I’ll get a pack’, I just shock myself.

– Marty

I used Pavlok to quit smoking and I am proud proof that it actually did work. You do have to be committed to the process but I […] couldn’t be happier. I can honestly say with no hyperbole pavlov has really changed my life.


It’s easy to make the resolution, “I’m going to quit smoking.”

And it’s easier to break that resolution.

Sure, you can convince yourself that this is the last time you’ll ever smoke a cigarette, and you might really believe it, too – but when you’re faced with something as simple as finishing a meal or having a drink, you can feel a sudden need to smoke. And you’re just as good at talking yourself into having one as you were at never having one again.

It only takes 3 days for your body to completely eliminate all of the nicotine in your system, and this is why quitting ‘cold turkey’ is often recommended. But you can still experience cravings like this for weeks, months, and even years after your last cigarette.

This is because your brain, even at the biological level, is constantly learning through associations. Whether you’ve smoked five cigarettes or five thousand cigarettes, each one has served as a lesson. Nicotine has taught your brain to associate smoking with a form of psychological relief, based on the way it activates your reward pathway.

So when you’re finishing your lunch, your brain lights up with neuronal firing, leading to you thinking ‘I should have a cigarette now.’ And your brain is very efficient at creating and maintaining these associations, which is what’s responsible for the high relapse rates among those attempting to quit.

While products like nicotine patches and gum can help you through the withdrawal period, you’re left to rely on your willpower alone when it comes to facing the way your brain has learned to need cigarettes. Nicotine substitution methods like the patch have a success rate of only 9% — over 90% of users go back to cigarettes within 6 months.

Aversion sessions interrupt this reinforcement loop by adding an unpleasant factor to these associations. A negative consequence to smoking a cigarette changes the way your brain works –- instead of fighting your cravings as they come, you can rewrite the code itself at the neuronal level.

In a scientific study, following five days of pairing shocks with cigarette smoking, 60.6% of subjects successfully quit — maintaining total abstinence from cigarettes over a year after the sessions. Beforehand, these subjects smoked an average of over 32 cigarettes per day, and 80% had tried to quit in the past.

After 5 days of pairing electric shock with smoking, 60.6% of smokers quit entirely.

Scientists have been using electric shock in labs for over 50 years in experiments to end bad habits. This technology has always been limited to research studies.

Now, Pavlok puts it in your hands, literally — by building a wristband with simple “one-button activation”. You can safely self-administer electric shocks, and you can control the level of intensity for each shock using an app on your phone. Pavlok’s device means you can take advantage of the scientific research for your own benefit!

How to Use Pavlok to Quit Cigarettes in 5 Days

  1. Try out the device. Shocking yourself can be a little daunting at first, but you can adjust the intensity on your phone to calibrate and find a level of shock that works for you.
  2. Shock for your first cigarette of the day. After getting familiar with the wristband, start administering a shock for each inhale of your first cigarette of the day. Your desire for this primary cigarette is often the most habitual, and breaking this initial craving will have a huge impact on your ability to kick the habit altogether.
  3. Shock for additional cigarettes. You guessed it — after getting accustomed to shocking yourself for each puff of your first cigarette on day one, you can start applying shocks in the same pattern every time you light up.
  4. Keep shocking and keep track of your progress. Continue administering shocks for every inhalation of every cigarette. Many Pavlok users report a rapid drop in daily tobacco use very soon after starting aversion sessions; if you experience this, you can advance to shocking yourself based on cravings alone.

A great example of Pavlok’s success in quitting cigarettes is Marty, who was a pack-a-day smoker for over seven years. He used Pavlok to quit smoking by following the method above, including continuing to shock himself until his cravings subsided.

No matter how long you’ve been a smoker, it’s never too late to quit. Even if you’ve been smoking cigarettes for years, or have tried and failed to quit in the past, Pavlok can help you break your habit in five days!

We know that once you try Pavlok, you’ll love it, and you can join the incredible group of smokers who were able to quit using electric shock aversion sessions.


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