How Pavlok Works: The Science

Start Good Habits & Stop Bad Ones. Forever.

Pavlok is the wearable device that uses electrical stimulus to help you start good habits and stop bad ones.

Battle-tested, customer-approved: Since 2013, over 100,000 satisfied customers have used Pavlok to reduce cravings, get in shape and wake up earlier. It just works! 

The world’s best alarm clock: Pavlok’s silent alarm is perfect for deep sleepers or couples with different wake up times. Set the device to alert you silently with a vibration or an electrical “snap” instead of a loud alarm. 

Win money for improving yourself: the Pavlok sweepstakes awards cash prizes every day to users who follow through with their habits.

Man in black shirt wearing pavlok band on his wrist

Pavlok works by associating the habit you want to change or improve with a slightly uncomfortable electrical impulse.

The device helps train your brain to associate the behavior you want to change with the uncomfortable stimulus.

In as little as a few weeks of associating the two with consistent use, your brain begins to say:

“Hey wait a second. Maybe I don’t like smoking.”

“Hold on. Maybe I don’t need that second donut.”

Now, the ball is back in your court.

You know that friend who won’t eat Taco Bell anymore after she got a terrible case of food poisoning? Or your other friend who swore off alcohol after having three too many shots?

That’s aversive conditioning. We’ll help you use it to your advantage.

More on the science of Pavlok here.

Your brain begins to say…

“Hey, wait a second. Maybe I don’t like smoking.”

“Hold on. Maybe I don’t need that second donut.”

The World’s Best Alarm Clock

The specially designed wristband vibrates silently in your lightest stage of sleep to wake you feeling refreshed.

It’s imperceptible to your spouse, your kids and your roommates. Only you’ll know when it’s time to get up.

If vibration isn’t enough, the device can release safe electrical impulses to signal your brain “wake up.” 

With SensorCore technology, your Pavlok knows when you’re actually awake. It doesn’t just get you up – it keeps you up. 

Anyone can become a morning person. And thousands already have, with the Pavlok.

Now it’s up to you. Keep snoozing, or wake up?

Lady wearing the pavlok watch on her wrist

How The Pavlok Process Works


Begin by wearing the Pavlok device on your wrist every day.

Program the app

Program the Pavlok app to focus on the habits your want to build or break.

change your habits

Within as little as 3-5 days, you’ll begin to notice changes in your habits.

A year from now, you’ll wish you had started today.

Marty used Pavlok to Quit Smoking in 4 Weeks!

“Before I started using Pavlok, I was smoking about 18 cigarettes a day. With Pavlok, I’ve been averaging about 7 a day. Week 4 is my first week not smoking at all…whenever I drive by a gas station and think, ‘Maybe I’ll get a pack’, I just ‘snap’ myself with Pavlok and keep driving.”

Your Pavlok Comes With Hardware and Software


It’s really simple. Pavlok works by combing hardware and a mobile app to get you life-changing results!

Pavlok is worn around your wrist and it uses a small electric “snap” (just like walking across a rug and touching a doorknob) by simply pushing the button on your wristband… or by remote control on the Pavlok smartphone app…whenever you find yourself craving or actually doing the behavior you want to get rid of.

It uses the same stimulus to help you establish new, positive habits that you want to form.

Some habits are “self jolt” (smoking, nail biting, going to the gym… just to name a few) where you will manually press the button on your wristband…

And other habits can be set with our app (waking up on time or staying off time-wasting websites).

Pavlok Black band with device

The Hardware


Pavlok has two parts: the wristband and the module.

The wristband is “one size fits all”, and made from a sleek silicone that’s lightweight and extremely durable.

You can also choose from all sorts of different colors. The standard wristband comes in black.

The module fits inside the wristband and holds the rechargeable battery, electronic components and Bluetooth.

Pavlok’s battery has the capacity for over 150+ tiny jolts and it recharges quickly (it comes with a micro USB).

The Bluetooth chip is low energy and connects Pavlok to your smart phone.

The Software

The full app (which can be downloaded on any smartphone) starts with a 5-day audio habit change course that will literally walk you through every step to getting started with your Pavlok and breaking your habit.

It also provides you with courses helping to break “specific” bad habits…

  • Smoking
  • Unhealthy eating
  • Nail biting
  • And more

You’ll have full use of a remote control inside the app, to conveniently control your Pavlok from your phone and to set automated shock options for various habits.

One of those “automated shock options” is the Pavlok Alarm Clock, that vibrates to wake you up… but if you sleep through it (or if you hit snooze), it will give you a little zap to get you out of bed.

Pavlok application main screen

The Pavlok Device

Heart Sign

An accelerometer tracks your steps, activity, and sleeping patterns.


Vibration, sound, and LEDs act as behavioral triggers and notifiers

Pavlok Black band with device
Eye icon

Pavlok knows when you’re wearing it.


Bluetooth 4.0 conserves battery and connects seamlessly.


A snap circuit delivers up to 340V of electric current.

What Comes In The Box


Pavlok device unboxing with all accessories
  • Pavlok Wristband (one-size-fits-all)
  • Pavlok Module
  • Pavlok “Break Bad Habits” App
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Online Quick Start Guid, Instruction Manual, and Evidence Guide

More Success Stories

Over 100,000 high performers have used Pavlok to build good habits and change their lives. Here are just a few of their stories.

Heather is using Pavlok to kill her nail biting habit and stick to her diet.

Thanks to Pavlok, David no longer struggles with overeating!

What will your Pavlok story be?

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