Will Pavlok 2 Come With All Of The Features Of Shock Clock And Pavlok?

The short answer is absolutely. We’ve improved the software, hardware, and app for the Pavlok 2 significantly upgrading the performance all around. Pavlok 2.
In addition to having all the features of the original Pavlok and more, Pavlok 2 is making the most of the upgraded hardware to improve sleep tracking, movements, and more.
To make it simple: you will never have less than you currently have, and you will always be able to gain access to more by earning in-app credits to unlock new features.

How does the sleep tracking work?

Sleep tracking works using the Pavlok 2 wearable’s internal accelerometer and gyroscope to detect position and movement over both short and long periods of time while you are asleep. With this data, Pavlok 2 and our app are able to approximately detect when you are in REM vs. non-REM sleep, as well as when is the optimum time to wake you up without suffering from “sleep inertia” (waking up while in deep sleep). By learning from your feedback each morning and your sleep data, we also hope to develop Pavlok 2 and the app to be able to detect your optimum amount of sleep, and remind you when it is time to go to bed to get your best night’s sleep.

How is the new model size compared to the old one?

Pavlok 2, is the same size, shape, and weight as the original Pavlok. To keep tooling costs down and increase reliability (while decreasing the chance we hit some sort of delay during development) our team chose to reuse the original body design, and fit the new circuit board and features inside of it. What has been created is the best of both worlds: improved speed and capability with proven durability.

How is Pavlok 2 different than my current Pavlok?

Pavlok 2 features a more powerful processor, upgraded accelerometer/gyroscope (9-axis compared to Pavlok’s 3-axis), and improved bluetooth radio for more reliable pairing. Pavlok 2 will be capable of learning gestures associated with your habit so that it can automatically trigger feedback at the moment you start doing your habit – no button press or integration required. Pavlok 2’s more powerful processor will also be capable of advanced patterns for beep/vibrate/zap, meaning you can create unique notifications that will alert you to exactly what you are getting a notification for without having to look at your phone.

Do Current Pavlok And Shock Clock Owners Get A Discount On Pavlok 2?

Yes! Absolutely. We want to reward you for being a loyal Pavlok customer. Although current Pavlok and Shock Clock will continue to function just fine and you will not be forced to upgrade, we do want to encourage current users to step up to the next generation of hardware so that you can take full advantage of the new features we have planned, and any future features that we develop. Pavlok and Shock Clock owners can click here to claim the special discounted price. NOTE: only valid for current users, please use the same email as your Pavlok account when purchasing this perk.

How will it help with morning routines?

A viable morning routine starts with a good night’s sleep. And our app can help you form your morning routine by reminding you when it is time to go to bed for an optimal night’s sleep. While you sleep, Pavlok 2 and the app work together to track your restfulness, and then do their best to wake you up in your lightest stage of sleep at or before your chosen wake up time. Once you’re up, the app keeps you out of bed by immediately guiding you through your morning routine in the app, where you can indicate each time you complete a step of your routine. To make sure you don’t cheat yourself out of success, the app with the help of the Pavlok 2 also re-triggers your alarm if it detects that you have fallen back to sleep.

How does Pavlok 2 notify me?

Pavlok 2 can trigger an alarm or notification on your phone, or it can send haptic notifications to the Pavlok 2 – either single notifications or notification patterns in the form of LED flashes, vibration, sound or electric stimulus.

How does it know whether I did my morning routine?

The Palvok app can use the movement tracking in the Pavlok 2 to know whether you are asleep or out of bed. In the future, Pavlok 2 will also be able to learn gestures and movements, meaning it may be possible for it to automatically detect when you are doing a certain habit. For morning routines that are “offline” (like taking a shower) you can tell the app you did it, while “online” activities (like learning a language on Duolingo or meditating using an app like Headspace) will be auto-detected once the integrations have been built.

What can it track?

At launch, Pavlok 2 and the app will only be able to track your movement and position during sleep to give you data on how restful your sleep was. As we continue development of the platform, however Pavlok 2 and the app will eventually be able to track other online and offline actions using either a software integration (for things like practicing a language with Duolingo) or Pavlok 2 detection of gestures (for things like brushing your teeth). We’re always looking for ways we can improve the Pavlok 2 and make it smarter, so feel free to suggest your ideal use for habit tracking by emailing us at support@pavlok.com

Is there a Developer API?

Pavlok’s new hardware is designed to be an extendable platform. We’ve released a Developer API to build a dev community around adding new applications and capabilities of Pavlok, right now that mostly means IFTTT and similar integrations, but sky’s the limit.

Are Pavlok And Shock Clock Going Away? Will They Still Work?

The hardware for Pavlok and Shock Clock will be replaced by the new Pavlok 2 hardware starting in September 2017. Your current Pavlok and Shock Clock will continue to work, even after the new hardware is introduced. They will maintain the current level of functionality and features, though we will no longer be offering firmware updates or new features. We’ve maxed out the capabilities of the current microprocessor, and we cannot add any more lines of code to program new features. If you’d like to upgrade, you will be able to do so for a deep discount.

Can Pavlok break more than one habit at a time?

While you can certainly use Pavlok however you wish, we recommend using Pavlok 2 on one habit at a time, at least when first starting out. As you become more comfortable with the process you can experiment with adding more.

How quickly are habits broken?

While many Pavlok users report success in as little as just a few days, it may take longer depending on your personal circumstance. Virtually all users who consistently use Pavlok see significant improvement within a month.

Do I make it zap manually or does it automatically zap me?

Pavlok 2 recognizes common hand gestures and can be manually activated at anytime.

What is the battery life of Pavlok?

Pavlok 2 is designed to be power efficient. We use Bluetooth low energy to connect to your smart phone, and the device enters sleep mode when not in use. Most users can expect 3-5 days of battery life per charge – and Pavlok 2 charges in about an hour.


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