Welcome to the Pavlok Habit Coaching *Light* Program!

This page will take you through a brief to-do list to get you started and ready to go....

Step 1: Congratulations!

Congratulations on taking the next action step toward your success to build new habits and break old, negative ones 🙂

As I mentioned on the call, before our first call together; Journal out answers to the following questions:

  1. Circle this date on your calendar as the day where you chose YOU and to mark the day you decided to change your life
  2. Write down EXACTLY what you envision you will get out of our work together. That is where we are going to start and focus on initially
  3. Write out 3-5 reasons why you want to break these habits and build new ones be clear, raw, and honest
  4. Write down what life looks like when you’ve accomplished your goals and you are now existing without these habits holding you back and your new habits strongly in place

Have your responses with you on our live call together!


Step 2: Scheduling

You get 1 x One-on-One video recorded coaching call per month. Schedule your call time here for your call. Keep in mind these calls are 45 min – 1 hr long.

Schedule time with me

Step 3: Set up Zoom

All our calls will be done over Zoom and recorded for your convenience. Please have zoom downloaded so you are ready to go at call time. Your recording link will then be sent to you post call for you to view or listen to any time. Zoom can be set up on your computer and phone. 

Step 4: Coaching Module

You will be added to the coaching module within the Pavlok App. You will see a module within the app on the home screen that says “Coaching”.
If you do not see it, go to “more” on the bottom right > redeem > use the code, TRY_COACHING
Once we get started together, this is where we will manage your tasks, habits, and accountability.

Download the Pavlok App HERE (ios)

Download the Pavlok App HERE (Android)

Step 5: Download the Pavlok Chrome Extension

Many of the productivity tools you will find helpful are integrated into the Chrome Extension. You will find Pomodoros, ToDoist, Blacklist sites etc all synced with your Pavlok Device here.  

Get the Chrome Extension HERE

Step 6: Set-up Access to the Online Interactive Habits Course

Here is where you will get access to the Online Interactive Habits Course with a regularly updated resource section with interviews, apps, links and podcasts.  This course is ideal to do in line with our calls together to help keep you on track. The recordings have lots of Q and A as well so it’s a great resource to get some additional ideas to keep yourself going.

Follow the Instructions Here to Get Access

Lauren Kesseler (Doyle)

Head Coach

Lauren has been a consultant and coach for small businesses and entrepreneurs for close to 13 years. Her background as a shareholder and sales executive in a small start-up Medical Device company, BioForm Medical Inc., gave her a unique background in high-competition, high-dollar sales, marketing, and building a small company into a publicly-traded superpower. Later, she became a professional athlete in the Equestrian industry, working with horses and people where she learned performance psychology and breaking and building habits. In 2018 she partnered with Pavlok to develop the Pavlok Productive Entrepreneur Coaching Program and Pavlok Group Coaching Program-- blending experience, intuition, psychology, Microhabit methodology, and the Pavlok device to create the most unique productivity and habit coaching experience available today.


Habits, Technology & Behavioral Change