You made it!

It’s the final day of the Freedom From Smoking e-Course!

Over the last five days, we hope you’ve made some amazing progress to understand why you smoke, what causes it, and how you can change.

Today’s lesson is where everything comes together.

Here’s your second Aversion session.

Listen & Download Aversion Session #2

Once that’s done, you’re in!

Habits don’t change overnight, but you can increase your success rate by increasing your awareness and making observations about when you smoke.

Just think, once you eliminate smoking, you can continue your habit change journey to becoming a better you.

Now, today is the end of the Freedom from Smoking course, but I wanted to make sure you get a chance to grab a Pavlok.

If you want to continue your success in quitting smoking, you can continue to use a rubber band. But a Pavlok will greatly magnify your chances of success.

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