Download the app for Pavlok Stop the Craving

For Android

We’ve released the Pavlok Stop the Craving App on the Play Store.

Click here to download Pavlok Stop the Craving on the Google Play Store.

This app is in early development, so we are also giving you full access to the entire Pavlok app, which includes Pavlok for Waking Up, Being Productive, and more.

Click here to download the full Pavlok app.

(After you create an account in one app, you can use the same username and password in both apps).

For iOS

We are still waiting on Apple approval for the Stop the Cravings app to be approved. For now, you can access the full Pavlok app and use it as instructed for cravings, along with a bunch of other features (the full Pavlok is usually $199).

Download the Pavlok app on iOS


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