The Wearable That Snaps You Out Of Autopilot

Pavlok wakes you up effortlessly, keeps you focused through the day, and helps you break bad habits in your life

Improves your day. Improves your night. Improves you.

Through a combination of real time feedback and advanced technology, Pavlok will actually change the way your brain works over time by giving you the accountability and awareness you’ve been missing — all with the push of a single “magic” button. 


Wake up early

Become a morning person by training your body to wake up feeling refreshed.

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Get in shape

Turn health into a habit, track your progress and stay accountable.

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become more productive

Focus on the most important tasks and eliminate distractions.

Quit Smooking

quit smoking

Defeat nicotine addiction with proven technology that rewires your brain.

kill sugar cravings

kill sugar cravings

Eliminate the urge to eat sugar and junk food once and for all.

stop negative thoughts

stop negative thoughts

Stop self-sabotage and negative thoughts from ruining your day.

A year from now, you’ll wish you had started today.

Wake Up Refreshed and On Time. Every Morning.

Pavlok is the first wearable that gets you out of bed, keeps you out of bed, and helps you form a consistent, productive morning routine.

The specially designed wristband vibrates silently in your lightest stage of sleep to wake you feeling refreshed. It’s imperceptible to your spouse, your kids and your roommates. Only you’ll know when it’s time to get up.

The Pavlok Device

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An accelerometer tracks your steps, activity, and sleeping patterns.


Vibration, sound, and LEDs act as behavioral triggers and notifiers

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Pavlok can detect when you bite your nails or touch your face.


Bluetooth 4.0 conserves battery and connects seamlessly.

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A snap circuit snaps you out of automatic thinking and brings you into the present moment.

Safe. Certified. Backed By Science.

FCC Certified and CE Approved.

Pavlok is completely safe and certified. The stimulus ranges from a vibration, to a light tap, to a stronger snap.

Worn correctly, Pavlok’s snap only travels across 2 inches of space on your wrist. It does not pass through the body.

 Pavlok has been used in university studies and is based on decades of scientific research.

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Join the Pavlok Challenge!

The Pavlok Challenge is a monthly program that connects you with people on the same journey and gives you cash prizes for improving yourself.

Pavlok Success Stories

Meet the high performers who are using Pavlok to build good habits and change their lives.

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Change Your Habits.

Change Your Life.

Join Pavlok

Build positive habits that will last a lifetime and become a better you.

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