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Through years of research, data from thousands of users and the best minds in behavioral science, we at Pavlok have cracked the code on vastly improving your life through the morning routine.

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Pavlok Rise is explicity designed to guide you from the night before through waking up in your light stage sleep all the way to an enjoyable and productive morning routine.

Adopt the morning routines of the greats in history...

or the morning routines of productivity influencers...

  • Dave Asprey - Founder, Bulletproof Coffee
  • Cal Newport - Author, Professor
  • JJ Virgin - Author, Speaker
  • David Kadavy - Author
  • Joel Runyon - Writer
  • Sol Orwell - Blogger
  • UJ Ramdas - Writer
  • Karen Pendergrass - Writer
  • Daniel Dipiazza, Author
  • Adam Reed - Coach
  • Sean Ogle
  • Adam Bornstein - Trainer, Author
  • Josh Durkin
  • Trey Stinnett
  • Renee Johnson - Pavlok Expert
  • Tony Stubblebine - Founder,
  • Dave Rogenmoser - Writer
  • Rachel Bell - Entrepreneur, Productivity Coach
  • Will Mitchell - Startup Bros
  • Deon Don
  • Rachel Pedersen - Social Media Expert
  • Ameer Rosiac
  • Liam Martin -
  • Maneesh Sethi - Founder, Pavlok
  • Dave Asprey

    7:45am Wake Up

    Check sleep tracking data

    Start BP coffee brewing and brush teeth

    Take morning nootropic stack and blend coffee w/ Brain Octane and butter

  • Cal Newport

    6-6:30am Wake Up

    Jog to a local park

    Take moment to just take in nature

    Jog home

    First cup of coffee

  • JJ Virgin

    6:00am Wake Up

    Write down 3 things I'm grateful for

    Let my ideas flow from my journal

    Drink bulletproof coffee

  • David Kadavy

    8:00am Wake Up


    Immediately start writing

  • Joel Runyon

    7:30am Wake Up

    Go for a walk outside

    Morning mobility routine to loosen up (with MoveWell)

    Take a cold shower

  • Sol Orwell

    7:30am Wake Up

    Read about politics

    Two-minute cold shower

    Ten-minute walk

  • UJ Ramdas

    5 minute journal

    Movement of some kind


  • Karen Pendergrass

    6:00am Wakeup


    go to Gym

  • Daniel DiPiazza

    Drink 1 Liter of water

    30 minutes of reading

    30 minutes of writing or meditation

  • Adam Reed

    4:45-5am Wake Up

    Movement, usually walk to starbucks or straight to gym


    Hot/cold shower

  • Sean Ogle

    Make coffee

    Chug a big glass of water while coffee brews

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  • Adam Bornstein

    Wake Up

    15 min meditation

    1,000 words writing


  • Josh Durkin

    6:00am Wake Up

    Room temp lemon water

    Shower and visualization with power song for flow (mine is Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Child)

    Get ready while listening to How to win friends audio.

  • Trey Stinnett

    6:00am Wake Up

    Water, Teeth





  • Renee Johnson

    7:15am Wake Up

    Get up, brush teeth, shower

    Get dressed and brush hair while listening to Pandora

    Eat breakfast

  • Tony Stubblebine

    Wake up only after full night's rest

    * Take care of the dog. Take him out, get him food.

    Come home. Meditate. This is my reset.

    Journal. Remind myself about thematic goals

  • Dave Rogenmoser

    6:30 (or earlier) Wake Up

    Drink glass of water

    Get dressed

    Read bible and pray

    Meditate for 10 minutes

    Plan top 3 tasks for day

  • Rachel Bell

    5:30am Wakeup

    Make bulletproof coffee, drink a glass of green shit and water, take supplements

    Check phone (Keep it in the kitchen overnight as extra reward for getting out of bed)

    Nice, slow, heavy workout at gym, then sauna + shower at gym

  • Will Mitchell

    11am Wake Up

    Get in bath

    Start drinking 1L water

    Check finances/investments & news

    Read book

    Check Daily Priorities

    Get Ready / Make Coffee

  • Deon Don

    Wake Up

    Get to gym before 6:55am

    Make bed

    Chug water

  • Rachel Pedersen

    8:55am Wake Up

    Drink coffee


    Deep breathing

  • Ameer Rosiac

    5:00am Wake Up

    Drink filtered water with lemon

    Invert my body via inversion table or chair and use my Infrared light

    Read a paragraph from a book

  • Liam Martin

    7:45am Wake Up

    Plan action items

    Take a shower

    Make tea

  • Maneesh Sethi

    Drink water


    2 minute cold shower

    Plan out my most important thing of the day

    Put x on calendar and send pic to coach

or your own custom routine...

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