Harness the power of snap to break out of autopilot

Other wearables merely describe your behavior – Pavlok 3 is designed to change it for good.

Use the snap to stamp put unwanted habit loops, stop negative thoughts, and rewire your behavior from the ground up

Wear it as an add-on or
standalone device

Good Habit App

Replace bad habits with good ones through the power of habit loops

Pavlok lets you track dozens of behaviors and help you form long term positive habits using science-backed reinforcement techniques.

Mindfulness app

Increase your wellbeing by becoming aware of your actions

Pavlok will help you relax and regain your focus through quick built-in exercises.

Pavlok 3 Pro has it all

Core functionalities Maintain mindfulness, retail focus, break bad habits, wake up easily
Battery life 7+ days
Water-resistant Yes
Number of programmable physical buttons 3
Can be added on existing smart or analog watch Yes
Electrical stimulus Snap
Audio notifications Chime
  • Access to monthly Pavlok Challenges with cash prizes
  • Unfettered access to all upcoming apps (Couple, Stop smoking, Weight loss, Nail biting, Gratitude, and more)
  • Exclusive member-only support groups
  • $0 trade-in program: after 1 year, you can exchange your device for the new model
  • Warranty during the whole time you’re a member
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Pavlok's founder with

Daymond Jhon

Ken Jeong

Sir Richard Branson


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