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Ever have one of those days where you can’t seem to get ANYTHING done? Despite your seemingly endless todo list, no matter what you try, you can’t bring yourself to sit down and get to work.

In an age of endless distractions, it’s become increasingly difficult to focus and finish the tasks at hand.

Instead of working on that important work presentation, you find yourself wasting hours browsing Reddit or your favorite celebrity gossip blog.

Instead of getting ahead on filing your taxes, you spend three hours heading down the rabbit hole on Youtube.

You WANT to have a productive and efficient day, but the constant distractions and lack of focus prove to be too much.

According to a recent survey, nearly 70% of working adults admit they are distracted on the job, with a staggering 16% admitting they feel they’re almost always distracted.

More alarmingly is the fact that millennials and Generation Y claim their biggest problem is that can’t focus, with over 74% of those surveyed feeling constantly unfocused.

Are you destined to remain unfocused forever? Can you ever overcome your procrastination habit and make massive progress towards your goals?

In a moment I’ll share how I’ve personally helped hundreds of people become more productive and less distracted. 

But first…

A Little Bit About Me (and why it’s relevant to you)

Hi… My name is Maneesh Sethi, the founder, and CEO of Pavlok.

I’ve literally spent thousands of hours studying and how habits work and have committed my life to helping people from around the world improve their habits.

My friends think that because I’m a fairly successful entrepreneur and CEO, as well as best selling author, that I’ve always had the good habits I have today.

But the truth is…

Growing up I was an average child with very average grades. And I always struggled with my productivity and focus.

No matter what I tried, I was constantly jumping from one distraction to the next.

My parents blamed my lack of focus on discipline and willpower.

“Maneesh if only you would apply yourself…”

Even well into adulthood I struggled with my lack of focus and felt distracted most of the day.

At one point it became so bad, I started missing countless deadlines and on a good day maybe had an hour or two of productive work.

I was so desperate to find a solution that I famously hired a woman off Craiglist to slap me every time I became distracted while working.

While I expected my productivity would improve with someone watching me work all day (and slapping me if I opened Reddit,) I had NO idea just how productive I could actually be.

My experiment on improving my productivity ultimately led me to founding Pavlok, the world’s first behavioral change company.

And since I started Pavlok just a few years ago, I’ve been on a mission to helping people improve their habits and reach their goals.

The Science of Willpower and Habit

There’s a common myth that seems to live forever, that says that if you just put your mind to it and use willpower, you can accomplish anything!

“Just stop being distracted!”

“Buckle down… just get to work.”

If you suffer from distractions and procrastination, you’ve most likely spent countless hours beating yourself up over not being able to get things done.

But the good news is… the latest research shows that it might not be entirely your fault.

According to the latest research, willpower is a finite resource.

Yes… you literally only have so much willpower in a day before it’s gone.

Every time, you fight the urge to check your favorite social media app or watch the Youtube video filled with cute dogs and cats, your willpower begins to drain.

And with literally thousands of possible distractions mere seconds away, it’s no wonder so many of us struggle to remain focused.

The problem with having a limited amount of willpower is that once it’s gone, you’re nearly certain to succumb to distraction no matter how hard you try.

Despite what society may say, you’re not broken or weak; it’s simply impossible to overcome human behavior.

Imagine taking your car for a drive until it runs out of gas only to get mad at your car for not being able to drive any further!

Fortunately, there is a way to fight distraction, without using your limited amount of willpower.

The secret to becoming more focused and productive is to train your brain to avoid temptation. When you make it a habit of being focused you can fight distraction and procrastination with ease.

At a biological level, habits occur in the basal ganglia, sometimes called the “lizard brain,” because evolutionarily, it’s one of the oldest and most primitive parts.


Obviously lizards can operate without willpower (can u imagine a lizard with willpower? like decidin’ if he should eat another jucy fly? silly lizard LOL).

When something becomes a habit, it doesn’t require willpower. Instead, it happens automatically without you even thinking.

One of the biggest reasons people struggle with procrastination and distraction is because it has literally become a habit.

If you’ve ever opened up your Facebook or Twitter on your phone subconsciously, you know exactly what I mean.

Therefore, the most effective way to reduce distraction and improve your focus is by tricking your brain to DISLIKE distraction.

No more using willpower. No more beating yourself up.

The most effective way to become more focused is to leverage a powerful scientific principle known as Pavlovian conditioning.

Introducing Pavlovian Conditioning – The Secret One-Week Solution That Makes Bad Habits Disappear Like *Poof*


In school, you likely learned about the famous psychologist Ivan Pavlov, who ran one of the most well-known experiments in history.

To prove his theory that animals and humans can be trained to act in a certain way through systematized behavior, he rang a bell before feeing a group of dogs.

Within just a few days, the dogs actually began salivating at the sound of the bell, even if he didn’t feed them.

The learnings from this incredible experiment don’t just apply to dogs; it has a profound implications on how humans develop and even break bad habits.

When you create a negative association with a repeated action, your brain actually begins to avoid that action at all costs.

If you pair a negative sensation with a distraction of your choice, your brain begins to associate that distraction with the sensation ultimately reducing your desire to become distracted.

 The Power of Aversion

If you’ve ever had a friend who drank too much tequila and got sick, you know the power of an aversion.

In one night, a person’s decade long habit of loving a type of alcohol can disappear — and it’s replaced by a feeling of *ugh* in the pit of the stomach.

That *ugh* feeling is aversion. An aversion is a Pavlovian association created towards. Behavior, often created by administering a slight electric zap.

This method of habit change is incredibly powerful, especially when it comes to becoming more focused.


Imagine being able to pair your common distractions with an unpleasant sensation.

Imagine literally training your brain NOT to want to be distracted.

Imagine being able to pair your common distractions with an unpleasant sensation.

Imagine literally training your brain NOT to want to be distracted.

Introducing Pavlok 2

Here’s how it works:

The Pavlok 2 and Pavlok App is the absolute best way to become more productive and reduce distractions.

Step 1: Wear the stylish Pavlok wearable throughout the day and sync it with our Pavlok Chrome extension.

Step 2: Used the built-in features of the Chrome Extension to help keep you on track.

Black List Websites

Open the Pavlok Chrome extension and add the websites you frequently visit when procreating. Big fan of Reddit? Are you always checking Facebook?

When you visit those sites during your specified hours, your Pavlok 2 device will buzz as a warning to close things down or face a zap!

Set A Tab Limit

It’s virtually impossible to be productive with hundreds of tabs open when you browse the net. Choose a specified tab number that is optimal for your productivity.

If you open more tabs than you’ve set, your Pavlok 2 will again remind you to close those extra tabs and focus on the task at hand.

A Todo List With A Twist

Using the Pavlok extension todo list to hold yourself accountable. Check off your to-do list by a certain period of time, or your Pavlok 2 will give you a zap.

Customize Your Pavlok 2 Experience

Because Pavlok 2 works with a variety of automation services such as IFTTT you can customize your Pavlok 2 to buzz, beep, or zap you depending on your specific behaviors you’re trying to avoid. Get creative in creating a system that works for you!

That’s It! By using the Pavlok 2 and app for just a few weeks, you should notice a significant improvement in your productivity!

How The Pavlok 2 Helps You Become More Productive With Ease


Order the Pavlok 2

All Pavlok products have a 60-day money-back guarantee. Used Pavlok 2 for up to 60 days risk free! 


Wear The Pavlok 2 Throughout The Day

Experiment with setting a set amount of tabs or blacklist your most commonly visited distracting sites, and let the Pavlok 2 wearable work it’s magic. 


Adjust Settings to Your Desired Comfort

The Pavlok 2 helps you become more productive by using a buzz, beep, or zap. Use the option and strength setting that works best for you.

That’s It! By using the Pavlok 2 and app for just a few weeks, you should notice a significant improvement in your productivity!

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