David Stopped Grinding his Teeth

David had a bad habit of grinding his teeth. It was annoying to the people around him, and most importantly it is very bad for your teeth. “I’m a constant teeth grinder. It’s a very difficult habit to control because I do it so unconsciously.”...

Rachman Stopped Sleeping in

You know the feeling… You wake up to the alarm blaring, and you smash the snooze button. Five minutes later, again the alarm, and again you hit the snooze button. Sound a little too familiar? For many people, waking up in the morning is difficult. For Rachman…...

Nagina Stopped Biting Her Nails

Nagina tried unsuccessfully for years to stop biting her nails. In just two days, Pavlok helped her stop. Watch her testimonial video, or read the transcript below. [Transcript] Hi, my name is Nagina and I am from New Jersey. I have had a problem with biting my nails,...

Simon Quit Smoking In 1 Week

Simon smoked a half-pack of cigarettes every day for five years. “I used to run for both pleasure and exercise. I would run half marathons, and it was very meditative for me. But when I started smoking cigarettes, my cardio really suffered” He had tried quitting...

Tasha Stopped Eating Sugar

We all have one of those friends. When she’s around… You spend more than you budgeted for. You don’t eat as well. You have a few too many drinks. She’s no good for you and you know it, but still you keep hanging out. THAT’S REFINED SUGAR. Sugar is terrible for...

Carlos Smoked For 15 Years Then Quit In 5 Days

Most smokers have tried to quit at least once. In 2012 there were 42 million smokers in the US 68.9% of those smokers wanted to stop smoking 42.7% tried to quit and failed And 480,000 died because of smoking that year *data from the American Cancer Society &...

Marty Quit Smoking In 3 Weeks

So I was at this party and a guy told me he wanted to quit smoking. Me: “Great! Come into our office and we will show you how to use Pavlok to quit.” Him: “Well, ummmm.” Me: “Really, it’s like 10 minutes a day and totally free, and at the end of it you won’t smoke...

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