Here are some common questions about Pavlok.



How can I check the status of my order ?

After you’ve placed your order with us you’ll receive a confirmation email with an estimated shipping window. After your device has shipped from us you’ll receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking information inside.

If you’ve been waiting longer than the estimated shipping window please contact [email protected] – please ensure that you include your order number within the email.

If you need to make any adjustments to your order – such as your shipping address please email [email protected] as soon as possible to ensure these changes are made before the item is shipped.

Can I get my order sooner?

Cancelling if your order hasn’t shipped yet:

Just send an email over to [email protected] or click the yellow help button at the bottom of this page and click contact support. We’ll do our best to intercept it before it ships! If you request order cancellation while the product is in transit, we’ll request that you either refuse it or send it back to us (we’ll provide a label) before processing your refund.


Exchanging or returning once you have received your order:

Before returning your order or requesting an exchange, please be sure to check out our warranty and return policy here.

Once you are ready to request a return or exchange, email us here at [email protected] or click the yellow help button at the bottom of this page and click contact support. Please include your order number and reason for return or exchange so that we can provide you with the best service possible. We’ll reply with confirmation that your request has been received, and instructions on next steps.


Tracking your order:

As soon as your order has shipped we will send an email with a live tracking link.

International Shipping and Customs Fees

Purchases sent outside the United States may be assessed local taxes, duties, etc. upon arrival. Recipients are responsible for payment of all fees, taxes and duties related to shipment(s) to destinations outside of the United States.


If a shipment is lost, abandoned or you refuse a shipment due to the local taxes or duties not being paid, Pavlok will not issue you a refund for your order.

Please note that orders can be delayed due to verification or time of order being placed. Orders may be delivered in separate shipments. We are sorry for any incovenience this may cause.

If you have a question or conern about when your order will be shipped please email support and we would be happy to check on the status for you!

Product FAQ
What habits can I break with Pavlok ?

Pavlok has helped users break many habits. Here is a list of some of the most common habits that Pavlok users have reported successfully breaking.

Come check out which bad habit YOU can break for good!

  1. Smoking
  2. Swearing
  3. Overeating
  4. Hitting Snooze
  5. Lack of productivity
  6. All Work And No Play
  7. Snacking
  8. Hair Picking
  9. Skin Picking
  10. Procrastinating

Pavlok users have reported breaking many more than this list!

Is Pavlok waterproof ?

No it is not.


We do not recommend getting your Pavlok wet!


While a little splash of water here and there will not hurt it, do NOT submerge the Pavlok in water, shower with your Pavlok, or spill any liquids on it. Sweat is not a major issue.


What's the difference between the Shock Clock and Pavlok?

The Shock Clock includes the following:

-The ability to set multiple alarms throughout the day

-A timer and stop watch

-Snooze lock (forces the user to do jumping jacks to get out of bed)

-Alarm that zaps, beeps, or vibrates the user awake


The Original Pavlok includes:


-All of the Shock Clock features listed above plus…

-The ability to zap, vibrate or beep manually at any time you chose as well as hand detection (perfect for breaking ANY bad habit)

-Chrome extension to blacklist certain websites

-IFTTT as well as other integrations


Quick decision guide:

If you want to focus on waking up early, the Shock Clock is right for you.

If you want to focus on other bad habits and have the ability to zap at anytime, the Original Pavlok is right for you.


Have a Shock Clock and want more features?

Upgrade at any time right inside the app for a small fee!

Instruction Manuals

Check out these links to download a pdf copy of the Pavlok and Shock Clock instructions if you lost your paper copy or just want an electronic version.

How Does Pavlok work?

Pavlok is a behavior training device that works by utilizing aversive conditioning. This is a form of training that uses negative stimuli and association to help reaffirm a specific action as undesirable.

You perform a bad habit at the same time you feel a slightly uncomfortable stimulus, and then your brain then begins to associate the two stimuli together — until it no longer likes the bad habit.

Perhaps you have a friend who ate a meal that made them sick (or drank too much of a type of alcohol) — often that single event creates an aversion to that type of food/drink forever!

This same process can be used to help you break ANY bad habit for good!


How to best use Pavlok:

1- Begin by doing your bad habit as often as you normally would throughout the day.

2- Each time you do that bad habit send yourself a zap by pressing down on the device (the lightning bolt symbol) or sending one from the app. Adjust your zap strength in the app to suit your needs as shown below.

3- Pavlok will begin to train your brain to see that habit as “bad,” and now is the time to replace that bad habit with something good.

Say your bad habit for example was biting your nails. Once you bit or even had the urge to do so and received the zap, we recommend immediately replacing that bad habit with a healthy one right after the zap. In this case you could file your nails instead of biting them. Find something that works for your habit and daily life.You will be less likely to go back to your old ways if you replace them.

4- Continue this process until your habit is broken.

Results have ranged from 48 hours to several weeks. It truly varies based on the individual, but thousands have kicked their bad habits to the curb with Pavlok!

Check out more about how this new Mom cut out unheathy eating habits with Pavlok and lost a ton of weight here!

More amazing success stories and how customers used their Pavloks here.

General Product Information

Product Specs:

Wristband Size: The wristband wears very similar to a watch. It is easily adjustable and fits wrists up to 140-205mm (or 5 1/2-9 inches) circumference.

Zap Strength: 50 to 450 Volts (amperage 4mA).

Other stimuli: Beep & Vibrate.


Pavlok charges the battery through a Micro-USB cable which is provided along with the device.

It will flash red while charging and glow a yellow/orange color when finished.

A complete charge may take 4-5 hours. The battery life may last up to 2 days (depending on usage).


Pavlok is NOT intended for:



-Women who may be pregnant

-Those with certain heart conditions

-Persons with an internal medical device (such as a pacemaker)

-Those with pre-existing medical conditions that may be effected by mild electrical stimulus.

**Although Pavlok has been tested for safety, please consult with your physician should you have any specific concerns to your health before using Pavlok. Pavlok is recommended for those that are 18+**

How does the zap feel?

The electrical stimulus is carefully designed so that it is enough to be uncomfortable, but not so strong that it hurts (and nowhere near dangerous – the Shock Clock is CE/FCC certified and 10,000 Pavlok users have proven it is safe and effective).

It’s a lot like a static shock you get when you touch a doorknob after rubbing your feet on the carpet.

You can also use the vibrate or beep stimuli if zap is not right for you!

Is the zap safe?


The circuit is complete on your skin, and the voltage/amperage is not enough to harm you.

We always have your safety in mind. 

***Always consult your doctor before purchasing if you have any health concerns***


How do I set an Alarm

Here’s a useful video, to explain how to set an alarm using the Pavlok app. (Video is made on Android)

Step by Step Guide for setting an alarm (Screenshots are made with iOS)

1. Make sure you are paired! If you are having trouble pairing, please see this FAQ to help you out!

2. Click “Clock”

3. Choose “Alarm”

4. Click the “+” symbol to add a new alarm.

5. Set the time you want to wake up.

6. Choose “AM” or “PM” appropriately.

7. Name your alarm and choose if you want to repeat on certain days.

8. Choose how you want to be woken up! The order of the symbols shown is the order you will feel the stimuli! (There are more options if you scroll left/right!)

9. Set the strength using the sliders.

10. Test the strengths by hitting the symbols next to the sliders.

11. Hit “Save”! Your device will vibrate twice to show it is successful!

12. If you want advanced help to get you up, use the settings in the bottom of this screen!

Snooze zap will zap you if you try to hit snooze in the morning!

Jumping Jacks wake up requires you to do at least 6 jumping jacks in order to turn the alarm off in the morning!

How do I use the light sleep alarm?

The Light Sleep Alarm is available on all 2nd generation Pavloks (Pavlok 2 & Pavlok Pro) and will let you set your alarm to wake you in your lightest state of sleep.

This means that you will wake up when you are already mostly awake – avoiding any grogginess or difficulty in waking up. 

To set this up please go to the ’Sleep Tracking’ section of the app and then enable ‘Light Sleep’

Before you go to sleep, ensure that your alarm is set either from the ‘Alarms’ applet or from the Sleep Tracking applet. 

Before you sleep, begin your sleep tracking as usual. The alarm will go off anywhere between 20 minutes before your alarm, depending on when your lightest stage of sleep is.


Will my alarms still go off even if I am not connected to the app?

Yes the alarm will still work because when you press “save alarm” in the app it actually saves the information to the Real Time Clock memory in the device!

You won’t need to keep your phone connected for the alarm to work. 

To turn the alarm off without reconnecting, press and hold the button for about 3 seconds until you feel 2 long vibrations.

Technical Help

How do I pair my device for the first time?

Once the device is fully charged, please remove from the charger and open up the Pavlok app ‘More’ screen. The device may show up straight away but if not please press the lightning bolt down to initiate the bluetooth – you can do this by squeezing it between two fingers or by pressing it against a table.

The device should then show up in the app and pair! When its paired the device information and firmware will be listed in the ‘More’ screen under ‘My Device’

Occasionally, the device can become paired with the phone’s bluetooth settings before pairing directly with the app. This can cause the device information and firmware to display blank and many features on the app will not be working.

This is very easy to fix however. To fix this problem please do the following steps:

1) Force-forget the device in the phone’s bluetooth settings (if it appears there)
2) Turn bluetooth off
3) Hard-reset the Pavlok (hold the lightning bolt down for 15-20s)
4) Turn bluetooth on
5) Re-open the Pavlok app and pair directly from there according to the above instructions.

If you have any further issues pairing the device please contact support on the app or via [email protected]

How do I hard reset my Pavlok 2 to improve connectivity ?

If you are having trouble connecting your Pavlok 2 to Bluetooth, and all other Bluetooth troubleshooting hasn’t worked, resetting the connection within the device may resolve the issue for you.

– Turn off Bluetooth on your phone.

–   Press the lightning bolt firmly until Yellow LEDs fill the lightning bolt, and a small red LED appears.

–   Once it is lit up like this, hold until the red LEDs disappear. 

–    You will see all yellow LEDs, hold until two small red lights re-appear.

–    Let go of the button and you will see a yellow, and two green LEDs appear to confirm the double hard reset. 

–    Finally, Turn Bluetooth back on, open up the app and re-pair the device through the Pavlok app.

How do I update my devices firmware?

We just released our newest firmware 5.5.0. This includes three new features – hand detection, light sleep and double tap.

Make sure that your Pavlok is paired to the app. 

Go to the ‘More’ screen under ‘Device’ you should see your current firmware and underneath that should be an option to upgrade.

Once you click on the pending update 5.5.0, a screen showing the update’s progress will come on and you will see two yellow lights on your Pavlok. This means that the update is taking place – PLEASE DO NOT EXIT THE APP.

Once the update is finished you will get a screen saying ‘Latest Firmware Installed’ your device will then light up (this might take a few seconds)

Your device will then unpair and then automatically re-pair to the app. If it doesn’t – please go into the My Pavlok Remote section and click on the pair button.

The firmware update should now be complete. If you go back into the ‘More > Device’ screen it should list the Current firmware as 5.5.0.

If you are having any issues with updating your firmware – please send an email to [email protected] – please include a screenshot of your app under More > My Device along with any other relevant information.

How do I unlock my device to allow someone to shock me remotely?

Accountability certainly helps you to stay on track with your goals. Pavlok Unlocked lets you remote control your Pavlok online, add friends who can access your remote (if they see you doing your bad habits!) or create shared links to let multiple accountability partners let you know if you aren’t meeting your goals.

You can do this by clicking on Pavlok Unlocked on the app under ‘More’ 


This will then take you through to a log in page where you use the same email and password that you use for the Pavlok app to log in. After logging in, you’ll be able to add friends and create your shared link!



How does sleep mode affect my device?

The Pavlok 1 will go to ‘sleep’ when it has been out of connection for 3 minutes, but will be ‘awake’ again once it is connected again. 

The Pavlok 2 device has no sleep mode itself. It will be inactive without use for a time, but never goes to ‘sleep’. 

However, as phones all have sleep modes, the app will become inactive with the phone’s sleep mode. This helps conserve battery, as Bluetooth is a huge drain on a phones battery. Most of Pavloks features are saved to the device itself, so it is not necessary to keep a constant connection.

If you want to have a more constant connection, iOS and Android will have their own options for sleep mode within their settings. By doing this, it will allow your Pavlok 2 to stay connected longer.

Users can adjust the settings, such as enabling the screen to be on, or extend the period of inactivity before going into sleep mode. It is best to find specific steps for your phone on how to do this.

The Pavlok 2 device is always open and connectable, any sleep mode language will typically have to do with the phone and the app going into sleep mode. 



How do I fix an unresponsive Pavlok ?

An unresponsive Pavlok may be caused by a few different issues, the most common of which are drained battery and bluetooth pairing being stuck in a loop because of too many requests from the bluetooth device that is attempting to pair with the Pavlok (usually your phone or tablet). The steps below outline how to troubleshoot the issue (note that for bluetooth pairing loop, you must let the Pavlok battery drain completely to reset the device, there is no hardware reset button on Pavlok).

If your Pavlok has become unresponsive please try the following steps:

1- Plug your Pavlok in to charge. Do you see any red flashing lights? If you do, please skip to #3.

2- If you do not see any lights please follow these steps to resolve this issue: 

3- Once the red LED lights appear when attempting to charge, please charge the Pavlok for at least a full 3 hours before using.

  • You will know the Pavlok is fully charged when the lights change from flashing red to a solid yellow.

The Pavlok should function normally now, but if you notice it is not please reach out to support so we can offer you a replacement. 


Why did this happen to my Pavlok?

The cause of this is an internal issue with the bluetooth signal.

Pavlok connects to your app and phone via bluetooth. We’ve noticed that sometimes the bluetooth gets stuck in a loop, unable to connect. In order to stop the loop, it needs to reset, and letting the battery die is how it can reset. Depending on the charge when the issue occurs, the time it takes to die can vary, but should be faster than usual due to the looping.

We’re working hard on resolving this, and are getting closer to a fix which will be released through a firmware update, and do apologize for any inconvenience.


How can I prevent this from happening again?

To stop this issue from recurring the following steps are recommended:

1) Make sure your Pavlok app and firmware are up to date. If you need to update the firmware, it is very important to follow the pop up instructions, that ask you to forget the bluetooth connection. You can update your firmware in the app under settings.

2) iOS users : please make sure you have updated to the latest version of iOS. Apple has recently implemented some fixes for third party apps, relating to bluetooth connection. This update has helped reduced the re-occurrence of this issue.

3) If you are not using the app constantly, unpair from the app until you need it again.

What to do if my Pavlok is not zapping ?

Follow these steps to test if your Pavlok is able to zap correctly.

*Make sure your Pavlok is charged and try the following steps*

First…download the breaking bad habits app here

Then follow the pairing instructions. If you are unable to pair please click here.

Second…access the zap setting.


Third… adjust the zap level.

This will help you test to see if the zap is working correctly.

If your device is not zapping, beeping, vibrating or charging click here.

If your device is saving the settings so the app zap works, but the manual zap does not, please try doing a hard rest on your device and save the settings again!

What can I do if I am having trouble pairing to the app ?

Are you having issues pairing your device??

Here are some steps to help solve pairing issues!

1. Force close the Pavlok app

2. Forget your device in your bluetooth settings

3. Turn bluetooth off

4. Perform a hard reset on your Pavlok or Shock Clock

5. Turn bluetooth back on

6. Pair with your Pavlok or Shock Clock and save all your settings!

If this cycle does not work, turn your phone off and on and try again!

If this does not work, please let us know by emailing [email protected]!

Pavlok 2 

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please write us at [email protected]

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