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In just one week, we’ll be releasing Pavlok Rise into the world and we couldn’t be more excited.

Over the last month, we’ve talked about why a morning routine can be so powerful and how to increase your chances of success.

As we gear up for next week’s launch, we wanted to go even deeper into why having a morning routine can literally change your life and share the best tips and strategies to help you make it happen.

Last week, we told you the secret to having a great morning routine… was planning the night before. But what we didn’t discuss is the importance of your environment. Even just making a few of these tweaks below can have a huge impact on how you start your day.

Here are a few tips for getting your environment right.

Set Your Alarm OutSide Your Room – While this might be extreme for some, the fact of the matter is, it works. If you find yourself constantly snoozing, putting your alarm in the other room can help you get up and moving. Once you’re out of bed, it’s much easier to stay up and get your day started.

Sleep in your morning clothes – If you wake up and find yourself just going back to bed, sleeping in your morning clothes is a great way to “hack your psychology.” As soon as you wake up, you know exactly what you need to do… get up and put in the work.

Alternatively, you can lay out your clothes for the day in a spot you won’t miss them, particularly if you’re trying to add the exercise habit to your morning routine.

Have A Clean Room – Waking up to a messy room is a quick way to start your day discouraged and overwhelmed. Even just tidying up your room a little bit the night before can go a long ways in priming your mind for a focused and productive morning.

Sticky Note By Your Bed – This is something I’ve been experimenting with over the last few months, and I always find myself more excited to greet the morning. I’ll place a sticky note at my desk with a motivational quote or my 1-2 items I want to get done for the day. It makes hitting snooze much more difficult when I know I have important things to do.

Hopefully, by implementing just a few of these tweaks will help you finally get your morning routine going and make it stick.

In Wednesday’s post, we’ll be sharing how a morning routine can improve your motivation and help you build new habits with EASE. So be on the lookout for that post on Wednesday.

P.S. Tomorrow our CEO Maneesh is going live and talking about morning routines of successful people from all walks of life. You can join us at Facebook Live. Hope to see you there.

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-Bud Hennekes
Head of Content



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