The Secrets To A Productive And Successful Morning Routine

• Jul 9 2018

Why Shock Clock 2?

Maybe you’ve lost a job. Maybe you’ve ruined a relationship. Maybe you’re wasting your college years in bed—all because you can’t get up on time.

If that’s you, you already know why you need the Shock Clock 2.

But what if it’s not? Sure, you don’t always get up when you say you will. You catch those extra snooze minutes whenever you can, and while it makes you late for work every once in a while, you always roll out of bed before the situation gets dire.

All in all, you’ve got your act together. So why do you need the Shock Clock 2?

The reason you need the Shock Clock 2 is the difference between surviving, and truly thriving.

Mornings: The Key to Success

Over and over, studies have shown that the most successful people are the ones who curate a productive morning routine for themselves, and get up early every day to implement it.

In other words, a key part of maximizing your productivity and potential lies in three steps.

  1. Design your routine
  2. Wake up early
  3. Implement it consistently

It makes sense that this simple sequence has proven so important. There are a few basic psychological reasons why your brain is primed to turn a productive morning into a productive day, and eventually, a productive lifetime.

First, the very act of consciously choosing a morning routine helps you set and test achievable goals. As you decide what three things you’re going to prioritize above everything else, you cut through the negativity, anxiety, and excuses that we all struggle to resist. You start living boldly and intentionally.

Secondly, achieving a goal first thing in the morning (even a very small goal) primes your brain. The brain is constantly receiving and interpreting cues that become our impulses, desires, and habits. So by accomplishing a task as soon as you leap out of bed, you’re basically telling your brain that you’re the boss, and you’re here to get things done. You’ll be surprised to find how well your brain cooperates.

Finally, when we’re on a consistent sleep schedule, we naturally receive a rush of energy and action hormones in the morning. Our circadian rhythm uses these hormones to get our bodies ready for the day. And when you hack that natural rush with a morning routine, you’ll find getting your hardest task out of the way is easier than you’d ever thought possible.

Your Morning Routine

Ok, so you’re sold on the value of a morning routine, but how do you get in the habit of one? And more importantly, how do you stick to it?

That’s where Pavlok comes in. Pavlok’s Morning Routine module will helps you cross that first hurdle: setting your intention. Just plug in the three most important things that you want to see happen each morning, and the app will remind you each and every day. If you don’t mark them as done, you’ll get a zap!

But setting your intention is only part of the story. To get that morning energy rush, you need to have a consistent circadian rhythm. And to help your brain establish your morning routine as a habit, you need to get it done every day at the same time. You need peaceful, consistent early morning time to yourself.

That means rolling out of bed just in time for a shower and a bagel won’t cut it anymore.

Luckily, Shock Clock 2 is here to help. Since it actually tracks your sleep, you’ll wake up at the lightest part of your sleep cycle. That means maximum energy, minimum grogginess. And the Shock Clock 2 provides that extra accountability you need in order to fully reap the benefits of the Morning Routine module.

You won’t be able to turn off your alarm while still half-asleep and unaware of what you’re doing. Instead, you’ll need to solve a math problem, or do some vigorous aerobic exercise. And the Shock Clock 2 can notify your friends or post to your social media if you aren’t meeting your goals. Even if you don’t have the willpower to zap yourself, one of your buddies will!

Together, the Shock Clock 2 and Morning Routine module are an unbeatable team to master your mornings. Goodbye to being rushed in the morning, goodbye to feeling unfocused all day, goodbye to living your second best life.

So what are you waiting for? Come check us out on Indiegogo, and start becoming the person you were meant to be.

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