The Pavlok 3 Challenge is Changing Lives… Here’s How!

• May 5 2021

What’s happening with Pavlok Challenge?

When we released the Pavlok 3 we knew it was going to be a powerful tool for life change, so we wanted to provide people with a proven, guided process for building positive habits.

Since the first Challenge in January, we have improved our processes for running the Challenge, and the results have been dramatic. Scores have increased by as much as 50x and the number of people with a 100% success rate in their daily goals has increased 5x.

TL/DR; The Pavlok 3 Challenge is helping people build better habits and improve their lives in a BIG way. The number of participants completing all their daily habits has increased more than 2x since the first Challenge!

Here’s are some changes that made the difference:

  • Incorporated participant feedback to streamline and simplify the Challenge process
  • Added a “Motivation Coach” to each team to increase engagement and accountability
  • Provided opportunities for bonus points for healthy activities and educational webinars


Wait! Pavlok Challenge? 🤔  What’s that?

The Pavlok 3 Challenge is a 21-day program designed to help you break bad habits, create good habits, and improve the quality of your life. In addition to getting the newest generation of Pavlok (the Pavlok 3), you also get access to and support from Pavlok Habit Coaches, as well as a team of like-minded individuals to help hold you accountable to your goals.

After signing up for the challenge, you are given the opportunity to choose a goal or goals that you want to work on. Many participants use this as an opportunity to start going to the gym more, drink more water, or quit smoking. The goals you set are up to you, but they help determine what team you are placed with. Studies have shown that interacting adherence to goals improves when surrounded by people working on similar habits.

Much of the interaction takes place in a participant-only Facebook group, as well as on Facebook Messenger (though we are working on moving communication to the Pavlok app). Points are awarded based on the reported completion of daily habits that move you closer to your personal goals. The points you receive also help your team, as there are prizes for the team with the best overall score in the challenge.


How is the Pavlok 3 Challenge changing lives?

Jordan took back control of her morning routine (and more!):

Before I discovered Pavlok, I didn’t realize how “normal” it was to have a BFRB so I spent every day feeling alone fighting a battle nobody knew I had. every day I was living by whatever “routine” my 3 year old wanted to have that day. I would sleep I’m until he woke up and every morning I’d pray he would cooperate while eating breakfast so I could read my bible and a lot of the te he wasn’t very cooperative.

Doing the Pavlok Challenge was such an eye-opener to how common BFRB is, how common it is to be fighting to break a habit, no matter what it is. Being a part of the Pavlok Challenge made me feel like I was a part of something bigger than myself and I wasn’t alone in my fight.  It was so much fun to just have the experience of constant lift-ups, getting ideas, focusing on myself, and learning to hold myself accountable. My favorite part about The Challenge is the routine it helped me create.

Since the Challenge I still have stayed the course of making a Routine for MYSELF, allowing ME TIME in the morning before my son wakes up. Having that time with my bible is a win for me and has helped me start to become a better mom! 

It will be so absolutely incredible when I will be able to wake up before the zap… but until then I’m keeping my zap game strong!


Fond Du Lac, WI, USA


Rebecca stopped biting her nails:

Before Pavlok my life was very routine.  I did the same thing every day.  I would complain about things I need to change but never had the motivation to do it.  I spent most of my time just letting my time go by without really taking advantage of each day.

Now that I’ve completed my first challenge with Pavlok I feel empowered.  I conquered a small but important habit of mine and realized that I can do this for so many things.  I can improve my life in small ways to reach a bigger goal.  I feel like I’m part of a community of like-minded people who are all just trying to improve their lives and it really makes a difference.

The biggest win I had was being able to look at my hand and realize I have NAILS.  I haven’t had fully grown nails in years, I don’t even remember the last time I used nail clippers to trim them.  I find more comfort in filing and cleaning them than I did it ripping them off.  I no longer have to deal with pain and infection from all the nail-biting.  It makes me feel like if I can do this, I can overcome so many other things by taking it one day at a time.

Rebecca F.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada


Kayli stopped biting her nails AND started getting to work on time:

Before finding Pavlok and the Challenge, I was constantly late to work and had given up trying to stop biting my nails.

Since the challenge, I’ve been growing my nails out which is an absolute game-changer in my life.

Not only that, I feel like I’ve gained the superpower of being able to get up right when my alarm goes off in the mornings! My boss gave me a raise for proving I could show up to work on time and my days start out without the stress of rushing to work each morning. 


Marietta, Georgia, USA


Marlayna improved her sleep schedule and started several other new habits:

Before I found Pavlok, I had the worst sleeping habits imaginable. I stayed up too late habitually and slept in as often as possible. I was late for everything, waking up feeling like garbage, and just generally unwell. Depressed, the whole 9 yards. Sleeping until noon or better was a regular occurrence. No other form of alarm has worked, and to my next-door neighbors, I apologize for my many different attempts.

Since the Challenge, my life has changed completely, I worked diligently the first two months on my relationship with sleep. I started journaling gratitude, sleep and exercise and used Pavlok not only as a sure-fire alarm clock, but as an electric reminder when I found myself staying up too late getting sucked into wikipedia black holes. I have more energy, exercise daily, am eating better, have more time and am a lot more productive.

Also, I have been able to return to my yoga and meditation practice and am feeling much more connected and grounded. I have learned so much about myself, and am very excited to continue breaking habits!

Marlayna L.

Eau Claire, WI, US 


So — let’s look at the Pavlok Challenge results, shall we?

Results detailed:


Monthly Results

January February March April
What did we focus on? Establishing the Challenge, encouraging participation Change in points system, added individual incentives New employee added to every team for motivation Streamlining challenge, making communication simpler
What were the results? Score range:

-79 to 364

Score range:

2 to 204

Score range:

115 to 228

Score range:

186 to 306


Final scores after 21 days:

January – ranged from -79 to 364

February – ranged from 2 to 204

March – ranged from 115 to 228

April – ranged from 186 to 306


After implementation of an individual challenge/goal within the team challenge in February:

Feb – 17% of participants achieved their goals daily more than ⅔ of the challenge time frame; 4% had a 100% success rate

March – 48% of participants achieved their goals daily more than ⅔ of the challenge time frame; 20% had a 100% success rate

April  – 78% of participants achieved their daily goals more than ⅔ of the challenge timeframe; 37% had a 100% success rate



What we did in February:

  • The majority of our communication occurred on Facebook Groups & Messenger
  • In January we deducted points for not marking tasks complete, but in February we focused on rewarding points
  • We began to eliminate participants who showed no sign of activity or communication during the first week
  • We added an individual component to the challenge – in January, the challenge was team against team and the winning team won $100 each. In Feb, we wanted to reward everyone who marked their tasks at least ⅔ complete, regardless of them being on a winning team or not by giving those individuals 50% off the next month’s subscription



What we did differently in March

  • We observed why the winning team in February was leading the challenge by far. The winning team had a teammate that was consistently holding everyone accountable and sending them reminders to mark their tasks
  • So we thought, why not have this element in every single team?
  • We onboarded this individual onto the Pavlok 3 Challenge Team and put him on every team. 
  • This led to an increase in engagement, motivation, accountability & high scores – and most importantly, challengers achieving their goals.



Now it’s April we did this (team chat + new manual point stuff)

  • With engagement and results increasing, we are focusing on making the Challenge experience simple, effective, and effortless based on feedback given to us by the challengers themselves and our Pavlok team.
  • We are building an in-app chat (moving away from Facebook Messenger) to make communication between challengers seamless and easy all on one platform.
  • We are adding bonus points for attending webinars & workshops with Pavlok coaches (exclusively held for challengers). We will also be incorporating bonus points for small healthy tasks like meditation, drinking water first thing in the morning, and doing breathing exercises to encourage people to weave mindfulness into their habit journeys & make the path holistic.
  • We will also be adding the ability for users to send stimuli to their teammates — a vibration to celebrate their success that day & a beep or snap to remind him/her to make progress towards their goal before the end of the day.


And now —– see them all together:

So what do the Pavlok Challenge results mean for you?

If you’re ready to change, you could have the results of Jordan or Kayli or Rebecca!

AND you’ll get first access to the Pavlok 3 — not to mention a chance to win a cool $100.

Interested? Join us for the next Challenge!

It kicks off soon. Sign up here:


June Update

  • 78% of participants achieved their daily goals more than ⅔ of the challenge timeframe
  • 47% had a 100% success rate

What we did differently in June:

  • We shared motivational quotes, inspiration & advice regularly and shared more engaging content and prompts which led to more team energy and spirit.
  • June into July
    • 92% of June Challengers joined the July Challenge, making 73% of July Challengers returning participants

July Update (Our Biggest Month Yet!)

  • 100% of participants achieved their daily goals more than ⅔ of the challenge timeframe
  • 65% had a 100% success rate

What we did differently in July:

So over the last couple of months, we noticed a steady decline in participation levels.  It seemed that as soon as a team pulled ahead then the others would just lose motivation.

As a workaround, we decided to only show the teams their own score on a daily basis and to share all the teams scores only on Friday.

This was on our minds as we finished preparing the teams for the July Challenge.

Looking at the people who had signed up, we noticed that 43 people from the June Challenge had joined for the July Challenge, and that out of those 43 people, a group of 28 had pulled perfect scores in the previous challenge.

So for July those 28 participants were spread out amongst the 7 teams.

Then we checked the scores of the remaining 15 challengers and divided them as evenly as I could amongst the teams.

8 new challenge participants were also split between the teams.

We could tell by the second day of the challenge that this would be the most successful one yet.

Not only did all of the veteran challengers check off their tasks consistently… But so did the new challengers because of the enthusiastic behavior of the veterans.

After 10 days, the teams were in a 7-way Tie!

The final scores were also very close, with Team Alpha edging out Team Delta by only 3 points.

Interested? Join us for the next Challenge!

It kicks off soon. Sign up here:



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