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Short answer:

  • The Shock Clock is an alarm clock that vibrates, beeps, and zaps you awake.
  • The Pavlok includes all of the Shock Clock features, plus a full suite of courses, features, and integrations to help you break bad habits.

Pavlok and Shock Clock both use the same hardware. The Shock Clock can be upgraded to the full Pavlok in the app, after purchase.

Watch the Shock Clock Intro

Watch the Pavlok App Intro

The Shock Clock

The World's Best Alarm Clock
  • Tracks Sleep
  • Set 6 types of Wake Up Alarms
  •  Motion detection / Jumping Jacks Snooze Lock
  • Introduction to Habit Change Course
  • Breaking Bad Habits Courses
  •  Pavlok Productivity Chrome Extension
  • Smart Integrations and IFTTT
  •  Pavlok Unlocked Remote Control Access
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PAVLOK is a product of Behavioral Technology Group, Inc. At BTG, we help people change their habits. To do so, we create apps, wearables, technology, and more – all designed to help our users get control of their behavior.