Pavlok Challenge Success Stories: Jam Man

• Mar 30 2021

Quick Summary

Name: Jam Man

Pavlok Challenge Goals:

  1. Stop Oversleeping
  2. Stop Cussing
  3. Start A Consistent Gym Routine

Pavlok Challenge Results:

  1. He was able to start waking up on time
  2. He is more mindful of his language
  3. He has started working out more regularly

His advice for you:

“The system was easy to work out and it just plain works… If you want it to.”


Description and Intro 

What life was like before Pavlok

For a long time, Jam had struggled with oversleeping. Working shifts took a toll on his sleep schedule, making it a challenge to get out of bed and get to work on time. He tried lots of things to avoid being late, like extremely loud alarm clocks, alarms that required standing on a mat to turn off, and having his wife kick him to wake him up. At one point, Jam even drove to work in the middle of the night and slept in the parking lot.

How they found Pavlok and what they got it for

The turning point came when Jam was nearly fired from his job. Then he realized that none of these solutions were sustainable, and that is when Jam went looking for solutions. During a search for alarm clocks, he discovered Pavlok and learned more about the Pavlok Challenge.

Jam was drawn in by the fact that the technology behind Pavlok has proven to be very effective with thousands of other people, and the Challenge was affordable to enter, with nothing to lose. He entered the challenge with the goal of ending his problems with oversleeping and establishing healthier patterns in other areas of his life as well.

Life + Results with Pavlok

Benefits of the Pavlok Challenge 

When Jam decided to register for the challenge, there were a number of things that caught his attention, including:

  • The community accountability aspect
  • The competition and possible prizes
  • The low-risk, high-reward potential of creating life-changing habits

When asked about the Challenge, Jam said “Honestly it’s been a blast for me. I’m a huge people person and I just jumped right in and made friends. The system was easy to work out and it just plain works… If you want it to.”

In addition to waking up on time, Jam also decided to use Pavlok to curb a cussing habit and start a consistent workout routine.

The Key to Success in the Challenge

When asked why the challenge worked for him, Jam said that it all came down to motivation resulting from his “WHY”. With a wife and children, Jam could not afford to lose the great job that he has. That motivation, combined with help from Pavlok was enough to propel him to success in the Pavlok challenge.

When asked what he would tell someone considering signing up for the challenge Jam said, “If your reason for changing your life and making better habits and better choices is Large enough then you will succeed. Honestly, why wouldn’t you try it? You can literally send it back if it’s not sufficient for you!”

The Future

After finding success with the Pavlok Challenge, Jam knows better than to stop doing what worked for him. He says, “Every day is still a challenge. This product doesn’t change who you are as a person. It can’t make you be not lazy. It’s a tool you must want to help you.”This highlights the importance of continuing to use Pavlok to reinforce the good habits he has created, and to make sure he doesn’t slip back into old, negative habits like oversleeping. In addition to continuing to wake up on time and work out consistently, Jam has also started using his Pavlok to be mindful of his water intake. 

To learn more about the Pavlok Challenge and how it can help you, visit the Challenge Website today.


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