Pavlok 3 Challenge – July Was The Most Successful Month Yet!

• Jul 27 2021

(To see the results of the first few months of the Pavlok 3 Challenge, check out this post)

July Update (Our Biggest Month Yet!)

July Results

  • 100% of participants achieved their daily goals more than ⅔ of the challenge timeframe
  • 65% had a 100% success rate

What we did differently in July

TL/DR; Version:
  • Noticed that 43 June Challengers returned for July
  • Checked their scores (which were awesome) and spread them out over the different teams
  • Stopped showing all team scores on a daily basis, showed individuals their team scores daily and all teams weekly
The Detailed Version:

So over the last couple of months, we noticed a steady decline in participation levels.  It seemed that as soon as a team pulled ahead then the others would just lose motivation.

As a workaround, we decided to only show the teams their own score on a daily basis and to share all the teams’ scores only on Friday.

This was on our minds as we finished preparing the teams for the July Challenge.

Looking at the people who had signed up, we noticed that 43 people from the June Challenge had joined for the July Challenge, and that out of those 43 people, a group of 28 had pulled perfect scores in the previous challenge.

So for July those 28 participants were spread out amongst the 7 teams.

Then we checked the scores of the remaining 15 challengers and divided them as evenly as I could amongst the teams.

8 new challenge participants were also split between the teams.

We could tell by the second day of the challenge that this would be the most successful one yet.

Not only did all of the veteran challengers check off their tasks consistently… But so did the new challengers because of the enthusiastic behavior of the veterans.

After 10 days, the teams were in a 7-way Tie!

The final scores were also very close, with Team Alpha edging out Team Delta by only 3 points.

Interested? Join us for the next Challenge!

It kicks off soon. Sign up here:

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