The Big List Of Bad Habits

• Feb 21 2015


We all have bad habits that are ruining our lives…


So we invented Pavlok — the very first wearable device that helps you break bad habits at their source.

Pavlok uses proven psychological concepts to create a Pavlovian association (get it?) to the habit you want to break.

Simply put Pavlok on, download the app, and follow the five day program. For five days, do the habit you want to quit. Pavlok will administer an electric stimulus as you do the bad habit, and a vibration as you do good habits. 

The vibrations and electric stimuli create an association that trains your brain to stop liking the habit — in as little as five days. Your brain creates an aversion to the bad habits — and a liking for good ones.

For decades, this technology was only available in scientific labs — for a very high price.

But now, for the first time ever — you can get this technology, shipped directly to your door.

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These are 173+ habits Pavlok will help you break:

  1. Swearing
  2. Trichotillomania
  3. Picking Your Nose
  4. Smoking Cigarettes
  5. Biting Fingernails
  6. Drinking Coffee
  7. Drinking Tea
  8. Hair picking
  9. Watching Reality Television
  10. Eating Fast Food
  11. Alcohol (if you think you may be an alcoholic, please get professional help)
  12. Emotional Shopping
  13. Spending On Credit Cards
  14. Facebook
  15. Twitter
  16. Reddit
  17. Eating Candy
  18. Eating White Sugar
  19. Eating Chocolate
  20. Drinking Soda/Pop
  21. Obsessively Checking iPhone/iPad
  22. Eating Meat
  23. Video Games
  24. Cracking Your Knuckles
  25. Speaking With Your Mouth Full
  26. Talking To Yourself
  27. Using Slang
  28. Eating Dairy
  29. Eating Gluten
  30. Picking Your Teeth In Public
  31. Forgetting To Shave
  32. Going To The Club
  33. Using Your Maiden Name

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  34. Humming To Yourself
  35. Excessive Salt
  36. All Work And No Play
  37. Chewing Gum
  38. Smoking eCigarettes
  39. Biting Your Pen
  40. Nibbling While Cooking
  41. Overspending
  42. Overeating
  43. Snacking
  44. Hair Picking
  45. Skin Picking
  46. Not Holding Eye Contact
  47. Interrupting Someone
  48. Sleeping-in
  49. Skipping The Gym
  50. Smoking
  51. Saying “Ummm” And “Ahhh”
  52. Porn Watching
  53. Staying Up Late
  54. Sleeping With Makeup
  55. Lying
  56. Overmedicating
  57. Playing Kingdom Rush
  58. Eating Too Fast / Not Chewing
  59. Skipping Breakfast
  60. Not Protecting Yourself From The Sun
  61. Not Moisturizing
  62. Not Flossing
  63. Not Brushing Your Teeth


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  64. Using Your Phone In Bed
  65. Negative Self Talk / Self Criticism
  66. Saying “Yes” To Everything
  67. Day Dreaming
  68. Procrastinating
  69. Using Devices At Night
  70. Spending Too Much Time Online
  71. Breaking Promises To Yourself
  72. Rambling
  73. Checking Your Hair / Eyebrows / Makeup / Nails
  74. Watching T.V Right After Work
  75. Repeating Yourself
  76. Forgetting What You’ve Told Someone
  77. Forgetting Names Of People You Meet
  78. Giving Away “Tells” In Poker
  79. Falling Asleep In Class
  80. Slouching At The Computer
  81. Slouching While Walking
  82. Masturbating
  83. Eating Past 8 P.M
  84. Letting Fear Stop You From Trying Something New
  85. Telling Secrets
  86. Talking In Class
  87. Gaming In Class
  88. Online Surfing In Class
  89. Losing Focus
  90. Sitting Too Close To The T.V
  91. Eating Cookies Every Damn Day
  92. Arranging Instead of Cleaning
  93. Picking Fights

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  94. Being Unfriendly
  95. Leaving Your Wallet / Keys In Random Places
  96. Skipping Class
  97. Skipping Work
  98. Not Doing Your Homework
  99. Drinking Energy Drinks
  100. Pinching Pennies
  101. Spitting
  102. Horking
  103. Licking Your Lips
  104. Drinking From The Carton
  105. Leaving The Fridge Open
  106. Leaving The Heat On When You Go Out
  107. Skipping Meals
  108. YouTube
  109. Not Showering
  110. Yelling At Your BF/GF
  111. Talking About Your Sister Behind Her Back
  112. Picking Scabs
  113. Popping Zits
  114. Losing Your Temper
  115. Complaining
  116. Annoying People On Purpose
  117. Being Overly Critical
  118. Being Argumentative
  119. Putting Dishes In Sink And Not Washing Them
  120. Quora
  121. Biting Your Lips
  122. Scratching An Itch
  123. Being An Attention Hog 

  124. Opening Countless Tabs
  125. Buzz-friggin’-feed
  126. Trolling Comments
  127. Watching Seinfeld Reruns
  128. Binge Watching Netflix
  129. Emotional Eating
  130. Fiddling With Your Hair
  131. Poor Hygiene
  132. Fiddling With Keys
  133. Cheek Biting
  134. Chewing On Your Hair
  135. Shoplifting
  136. m&m’s
  137. Pocari Sweat From Japan (seriously, if you drink this for 2 or 3 days your body will crave it instead of water)
  138. Hair Pulling
  139. Scratching / Itching
  140. Biting Your Disgusting Toe Nails
  141. Eating When You Are Bored
  142. Hoarding
  143. Being A Know-It-All
  144. Bragging
  145. Chewing Tobacco
  146. Chewing With Mouth Open
  147. Being Late
  148. Eavesdropping
  149. Exaggerating
  150. Excessive Throat Clearing
  151. Fidgeting
  152. Flaking Out
  153. Freeloading

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  154. Gambling
  155. Grinding Your Teeth
  156. Kissing & Telling
  157. Littering (really, stop littering)
  158. Monopolizing A Conversation
  159. Name Dropping
  160. One-Upping
  161. Pencil Chewing
  162. Popping Gum
  163. Speeding
  164. Talking During Movies
  165. Tapping Fingers/Pens/Etc.
  166. Thumb Sucking
  167. Whining
  168. Borrowing And Not Returning Items
  169. Belching
  170. Loitering
  171. Bullying People
  172. Copying
  173. Gossiping
  174. Finishing People’s Sentences
  175. Leaving The Toilet Seat Up
  176. Licking Your Fingers

P.S: Pavlok will never judge you. Some habits are objectively bad, e.g., smoking kills you. Other habits like “sleeping in” depend on context, like if it’s making you late for work. And still other habits aren’t really either good or bad, it’s just personal preference. Also, if you have a condition that puts you or anyone at risk of serious harm you must see a medical professional immediately and you can ask your doctor if Pavlok is right for you.

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