How Jack S. used Zipties to Never Sleep In Again

• Sep 19 2016

Jack has always had incredible struggles with waking up in the morning. No matter what, he would never arrive on time for morning meetings…until he tried a Pavlok.

While Pavlok is extremely effective for waking up, every once in a while (extremely rarely) severely heavy-sleepers will somehow take the device off in their sleep. Jack was one of the few, so he invented a Macgyverd method to never sleep in again. Our CEO Maneesh Sethi had the pleasure of interviewing Jack.  Read below to see the details…


Maneesh: Tell me about your sleeping habits before Pavlok.

Jack: I’ve suffered with struggling to get out of bed in the mornings since I was a kid

I’ve previously tried many things. The world’s loudest alarm clock; an alarm clock I made that would spray you with water.

At my previous startup, We had a morning meeting every week. I’d actually have to sleep on the couch in the office to ensure I’d be in the office on time for it

I didn’t have trouble waking up the sound of the alarms. Just trouble getting out of bed. I would always hit the snooze button.

Pavlok (+zip tie) is the only alarm that I’ve ever used which works. Pretty life changing

Maneesh: How long have you been using Pavlok?

Jack: Since I came up the the zip tie hack that I shared in the group. I think like 3 months

Maneesh: How often do you use it? and always w/ the zip tie?

Jack: I use it about 4 times a week (not on weekends). Yes, always with the zip tie.

Before I was embarrassed! l was always late to everything, no matter what it was, if it happened in the morning.


Maneesh: What time do you wake up now? how much time does it take for you to get out of bed?

Jack: it depends when I want to wake up, depending on meetings etc. I now give myself about 10-15 minutes to wake up.

Say I want to wake up at 9am. I’ll set an alarm at 8:45am and another at 8:55am. With pavlok set for 9am

So the 8:45am one basically tells me I’ve got 15 mins till the pavlok goes off. The 8:55am one is to remind me to get out of bed and take off the pavlok before it goes off at 9am.

So 8:55am I’ll run out of my room to kitchen to get scissors to cut it off. Like sprint out of my room.

Maneesh: Hahaha, oh man. I want to make a movie of this.

Jack: My roommate finds it quite entertaining

Maneesh: Any features you’d like us to add?

Jack: Something I’d hacked around with before with my phone – but would likely need a hardware change to add – would be NFC. Ie need to touch it to an NFC sticker in the shower to shut it off

Maneesh: Hell yes

Jack: Potentially could be achieved with bluetooth. But bt is a bit annoying in pairing

Maneesh: Agreed — NFC is something I intend to add onto a future generation of Pavlok. Who would you recommend pavlok for?

Jack: For users of the Alarm: anyone that struggles to get out of bed in the mornings / is late for work

For users of Pavlok: ocd sufferers, smokers, hair pullers, sugar addicts, binge eaters

Maneesh: Any last words?

Jack: Everyone using the alarm should check my zip tie method before I patent it

Maneesh: Hahahahaha yessss

Thanks for your story Jack!

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