Android Users: What’s coming up / Beta App

• Oct 21 2015

Hi Android Users.


We are hard at work perfecting the Android experience. Most devices are working well, but a set of devices are having trouble with connection/pairing.

We are finalizing the updates before we send out the Firmware Update.

DANGER: This is a super beta build. We HIGHLY recommend you do not download this app. Instead, wait until the next update (within a few days) which will have a better process and more updated app.

However, if you’re not going to listen to me anyway, proceed.

First, unpair your device in the Android Settings -> Bluetooth window. (Hit Forget Device  or Unpair)

For now, you can download the most advanced version here: .

Download this file to your android phone, make sure that you’ve enabled ‘allow untrusted developers’ in the settings window.

We intend to have a new Android Build ready by Saturday 10/24, that will allow you to upgrade your firmware. Please be patient, as we want to perfectly test the app to make sure it works.

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