24 hours left — Preorder the Shock Clock 2, Sleep and Wake Up Right

• Nov 16 2018

Order Your Shock Clock 2 Today (Ships In December) and Save 25% Off Your Order! This Amazing Deal Ends Friday.

Happy Friday Shockers we hope you had a fantastic week! The entire Pavlok team is working around the clock to put together the absolute best deal we’ve ever offered for Black Friday and Cyber Monday at Pavlok we can’t wait to share more with you soon…

But today…. we wanted to share a sneak peak at our upcoming morning and evening routine modules for our Pavlok app that comes included when you order the Shock Clock 2. It’s the best way to start your morning and end your day right.

We announced Shock Clock 2 with an IndieGogo campaign a few months back. We are beginning to ship the first of those units next week!

The morning and evening routine features have been without a doubt one of the most popular requests from the community, and we’re excited to share that we’ll be releasing it into the world in December.

We’ve said time and time again, one of the best ways to implement new habits and behaviors is by having “skin in the game” which is why our new morning and evening routine features will use Volts to help hold you accountable. Simply set the morning and evening routine you would like to perform and wager volts to ensure you stick with your plan!


It’s truly amazing what you can accomplish when you are fully invested in reaching your goals. With hundreds of other Shockers holding you accountable every step of the way, building better morning and evening routines has never been easier!

Shock Clock 2’s currently will ship straight to your door in December and you’ll have instant access to the morning and evening routine features.
Today and tomorrow are the LAST days to pick up your very own Shock Clock 2 for just 149.99 so don’t delay!

– Team Pavlok

P.S. We have some INCREDIBLE deals coming up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but the 25% discount on the Shock Clock 2 which ships in December ends tomorrow. Order yours now!

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