Pavlok doesn't just track what you do

It transforms who you are.

If there was one thing you could do, every day for a year, who would you become?

Change is hard. We’re held back by distractions, other people, and often ourselves.

But change isn't impossible. Choose your daily action, and Pavlok will hold you accountable, ensuring lasting success.

A year from now, you’ll wish you had started today.

“We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”


How Pavlok Works

Choose your daily habit

Pick your action. Exercise every day, be more productive online, learn a new language, wake up earlier — the possibilities are endless!

In the Pavlok app, choose what you want to accomplish. Pavlok will break your goal down into easy, manageable actions. Each day, Pavlok will push you to stay on track and form the lasting habit.

How Pavlok Works

Real Accountability, Real Results

Willpower isn't enough. Habit change requires accountability. You won't have to make the journey alone - Pavlok helps you find a partner or join a team of your friends.

Social support and pressure will keep you on track. When you hit a bump in the road, they'll motivate you to keep going. Or, they'll punish you.

How Pavlok Works

Earn Rewards when you Succeed.
Face Penalties if you Fail.

Choose your level of commitment. Pavlok can reward you when you achieve your goals. Earn prizes and even money when you complete your daily task.

But be warned: if you fail, you’ll face penalties. Pay a fine, lose access to your phone, or even suffer an electric shock…at the hands of your friends.

How Pavlok Works

Make a change that lasts.

Research shows that consistency is the key to forming a habit. When you use Pavlok to stick to your goals, you'll find that they become easier and eventually, automatic.

At that point, use Pavlok to train your next habit and keep up your transformation into a better you.

The Results Speak For Themselves

  • Justine D.

    Habit: Wake Up An Hour Earlier

    Now I get up at 7 without pressing the snooze button, do 10 mins of mindfulness meditation, read a few pages of a philosophical or poetry book, and write. These are all habits now!

  • Daniel D.

    Habit: Write 1000 words each day

    I’ve been able to write 1,000 words per day consistently. No matter how hard I've tried in the past, it was impossible. But the program really works. The best part is, now the habit doesn't feel like a's just part of my life.

  • Naomi C.

    Habit: Sleep at the same time each night.

    I have been brushing my teeth 15 minutes before my desired sleeping time as my habit trigger. This encourages me to finish the process and go to sleep. Now, not only am I getting up earlier, but I am also sleeping more and getting better rest!

Anatomy of Pavlok

An accelerometer tracks your steps, activity, and sleeping patterns

Vibration, sound, and LEDs act as behavioral triggers and notifiers

Pavlok knows when you're wearing it

Bluetooth 4.0 conserves battery and connects seamlessly

A static shock circuit delivers up to 340V of electric current

Be the first to build with Pavlok

Use Pavlok to connect with existing services to deliver the lasting performance customers demand. Any developer can use Pavlok’s open API to increase compliance and improve communication with users. For designers of tracking apps, other wearable devices, digital course producers, or anyone who could use positive and negative feedback to drive stickiness for their service, Pavlok provides a seamless solution.


Unlock your potential

Pavlok ships in 2015 but we are releasing a limited number of prototypes to interested users. Be one of the first members of the Pavlok community and start your transformation.


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