Pavlok Uses Mild Electric Shock To Help You Break Any Habit

Let's Say You Have A Bad Habit That Is Ruining Your Life

That's Normal!
Everyone Fails At Breaking Habits
(Except Chris, He's Perfect)

But The Rest Of Us Need A Little Help, Right?

Pavlok Is A One-Button Shock System That Makes Habit Change Inevitable

First You Choose The Habit You Want To Break

If Your Habit Isn't In Our Database, You Can Quickly Add It

Then You Start Our "Self Shock" Program

Now Every Time You Cheat, Pavlok Will Correct You

The Shock Is Safe & Adjustable
(Strength Ranges From 'Pinprick' to Pretty Friggin' Strong)

And You Will See Results In 5 Days

Check this out...

Want To Try One?